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Awaken Your Life

What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live?

The answer to this question is the key to creating a more meaningful and magical life. As women, we enjoy the roles of motherhood, business leader, wife, partner and more.  We busy ourselves attending to the needs of others, oftentimes, forgetting about ourselves. You hold a space for everyone else to shine, but who’s holding a space for YOU? I’m ready to become a space holder for you.

Your Passion is Helping Them. My Passion is Helping You!

I show up in people’s lives when they are ready to make a shift. You’re here because you are ready for a shift. A SHIFT from being a supporting role in the lives of others to being the LEADING LADY in your own life’s story. A SHIFT from living someone else’s truth to living your own TRUTH. It’s The Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined. Success Redefined.–ACP

What I Do

Ignite Conversations. Spark Awareness. Awaken Souls. Drive Change.

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This is a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with me, where I will coach you to  Awaken Your Life onto new levels and create more meaning, more mastery, more money, and more magic in your life. Simply, click the button below to enroll in this FREE 7 Day Challenge Coaching Program. The program is FREE, but the BENEFITS are PRICELESS!


What I Offer

The Legacy Group

Discover Your Revolutionary Path for Aligning w/ Your Soul’s Calling and Unlocking the Keys to Living a More Legendary Life. This is a sacred space for women, 50 & over, who are ready to Awaken Souls and Build Legacies! Whether it’s to become more visible in the world, develop your inner life or be the centering influence in your family, this community will help you answer and advance your next level. Learn More…

VIP Protégé Club

With almost 4 decades as an entrepreneur, entertainment executive, author, coach/advisor, and spiritual thought leader, Angela has the uncanny ability to help individuals transform their lives onto new levels. Becoming a member of her Exclusive Protégé Club gives you  1-on 1 access to Angela and some of the most cutting edge advisory, information, mentorship and guidance in the world. Learn More…

Awakened Love Series

Our Awakened Love Relationship Series are designed for the woman who is truly ready to live a lifetime of love. These are not programs to race through, but they are processes to relax into. In our Awakened Love Relationship Series, you will learn that it’s not about you being worthy of love,  but rather the hidden fears you carry deep within that’s aroused in the presence of love. Learn More…

What They Are Saying About Angela…

“Angela has that special something that is difficult to define. Her presence is felt when she enters a room and her warm spirit exudes possibilities. As a life coach, she knows how to pinpoint the needs, talents, and potential of her clients. She is very effective in helping you find a better way, a new opportunity, and the self-confidence to follow your dreams. All I can say is, WOW, I’m happy to have Angela Carr Patterson in my circle!”- Wendy Brawley, CEO and Publisher, Imara Woman Magazine and TV Show, Producer

Angela Carr Patterson is off the wall with goodness, passion, and prosperity for all. She is amazing. Angela is helping people recreate their lives and get beyond their stories. Angela changes lives, she listens, she digests, she turns things around. She gives hope to those who have little to none and she is there for those who are ready to spring forth with their magnificence. Angela Carr Patterson is the wind beneath the wings of all women.” – Heshie Segal, CEO and Founder, Kids Better World

“I have known and worked with Angela Carr Patterson for many years. The one thing that has resonated in her work from my perspective as a husband, father, and businessman, is her passion for giving and enlightening. In this very social, and very corporate, bottomline world, whether it be home, for-profit business, or not-for-profit business, the ability to positively impact as many as possible has been a cornerstone of her body of work. Positively impacting people and things, promotes growth across a broad spectrum. I look forward to my next initiative with her mission to help individuals, and families enjoy an enhanced quality of life.”– Roscoe Wilson, Jr., CEO/President, The R.C. Wilson Group

“Angela is going to  “Awaken” the sleeping giant that’s on the inside of you.” Do yourself a favor and tap into the gift of Angela Carr Patterson. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”  —Roshanda Pratt, Visibility Coach & Producer, The Rosho Live