The Fatherless Daughters Network


A Fatherless Daughter is a female who grew up with an absent, unattached or unavailable father. This one key missing element in a female’s life can have real consequences on her as she becomes a woman. The impact of an absent, unattached or unavailable father on his adult daughter’s life is critical when it comes to how she views herself and the world.

About The Fatherless Daughters Network

Founded by Angela Carr Patterson, The Fatherless Daughters Network is a community style platform built on elevating the awareness of the impact that fatherlessness has on a female’s life. Through nationwide monthly meetings, workshops and live events lead by our Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocates, women and girls learn empowering tools for healing old wounds while finding support and sisterhood. We also provide online an online community where women can connect, share and grow daily.

We Are Helping Fatherless Daughters Redefine Who They Are, Reclaim Their Worth and Rewrite Their Stories!