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What They Are Saying About Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson will move you. She will move you to action. She will move you to tears. Angela will support you to open your heart to unlimited potential, and then with great compassion, walk with you as you explore this new path of authenticity, love and joy. Angela Carr Patterson is the real deal. A true light and bright soul that is here on Earth to make everything better than she found it, and if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in her presence, you will be blessed forever. I am changed for the better because of Angela, and you will be, too.

Robbie Vorhaus

Leadership Advisor/Fixer to Rich and Famous, Best Selling Author of One Less.One More.

Since becoming a client of Angela’s, my life has been transformed 180° in every area. Her insight, techniques and unique training are matched by her genuine Love for her clients. My business has grown by 200% in the last year, allowing me to travel and work in countries I’ve only dreamed. Angela’s greatest gift is her ability to intuitively create programs that specifically address what one needs to be financially, emotionally and spiritually prosperous. Her “no-nonsense-but-I-love-you” style is exactly what the world needs.

Cheri Maree

International Recording Artist/Transformational Speaker/CEO, Love Flowers International, LLC

Angela Carr Patterson is off the wall with goodness, passion and prosperity for all. She is amazing. Angela is helping people recreate their lives and get beyond their stories. Angela changes lives, she listens, she digests, she turns things around. She gives hope to those who have little to none and she is there for those who are ready to spring forth with their magnificence. Angela Carr Patterson is the wind beneath the wings of all women.

Heshie Segal

CEO and Founder, Kids Better World and JettNetting Connection, Member of CEO Space International

Angela Carr Patterson is one of the most talented business women I have ever had the good fortune to work with. We’ve been working on different projects for almost a decade now and I promise anyone she works with will be blessed beyond measure. She has the vision, experience, talent and passion to mentor anyone to find their Greatness. Angela has the uncanny ability to breathe unlimited “Hope” and “Possibility” in to Everyone she touches! This world is a Much Better place because she lives!!!! Thank you Angela for believing in me!!!

Susan Walsh

7 Figure Income Earner in Network Marketing

Meet Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson has helped women and girls achieve personal power in their lives for over three decades. Learn about this remarkable woman’s story and see how she is helping women from around the globe awaken their soul to create infinite abundance, success and love. It’s truly a Journey worth taking to Your Awakened Life.