2It’s not often that we can find a space whereby we can delve deep into the things that are really meaningful to us as women. With so much masculine, take the bull by the horn, gotta make it happen teachings in the marketplace, women can become confused and overwhelmed. And a confused mind always says no. These push and pull methods simply don’t align with who we are as women. What if there was a space…a safe and sacred space that would offer you the kind of strategies, solutions, and support that was natural to you as a woman, would you be willing to take a look at it? It offered solutions that felt authentic and resonated with you as a woman. I have that such space. But before I share it with you. Let me share something that I have discovered is happening around us.

If you are active on the Internet, you’ve probably been inundated with claims from “so call business gurus” who promise to help you build your business into a massive wealth machine. No doubt that you’ve also received tons of marketing from “so called dating gurus” promising to help you find your one true love or make the one you have perfect. Yet, none of these new ideas and strategies resonate with who you are authentically.

While the goal for most of us is to experience a successful, lucrative business and a satisfying loving relationship, the formula and methods we’ve been using to accomplish this worthwhile goal are just as important as the goal itself. These formulas and methods must be in alignment with who we really are…heart centered women!

There are barriers between what your heart desires and what’s actually showing up in your life. However difficult they may appear, these barriers can be broken through by shifting the formula you’ve been using.

That’s why it gives me such great pleasure to invite you to join my Global Awakened Woman Intensive (GAWI). GAWI is a membership platform designed to help women unlock the hidden secrets to love, money and success. It’s the space just for women. GAWI offers what you need, yet, in a ways that resonate with you as a woman. We launch on Tuesday, January 26th. Don’t miss it. Details: www.globalawakenedwoman.com.