10I want to talk to real women today. Women who understand hot-flashes, cottage cheese thighs, running out of tampons, extra support bras and bad hair days.  As you know, we don’t all wake up in the morning looking like we just stepped out of a magazine. Some of us wake up looking like we are wearing a magazine.

While this maybe comical, it is true. It’s important that you stop comparing yourself to others, to who you think look better, dress better and appear to have more than you do. And surely don’t compare yourself to hollywood’s celebrities that are seen on television and in the magazines. Lots of money is spent for them to look that way. Stop measuring your worth and value by whether your thighs are firm or flabby.

If you had only one day to live, would you worry about your flabby thighs or would you want to spend that day loving your family and doing some heartfelt activity?

Your worth and value are always based on who God says you are. It doesn’t matter if you wear a size 2 or a size 24, you are still beautiful and remarkable.

Yes, we should practice good self care by exercising and feeding our bodies the proper foods. Yes, being healthy should be a priority for  us.  Of course, we want to dress well and make a statement to the world that we have some self pride in our appearance.

But it’s really what’s going on inside of us that needs much more of our attention. Is there someone you need to forgive? Is there some bad attitude you need to adjust? When we focus more on what’s happening within our hearts and make the necessary shifts, real beauty is then revealed.

Living from within your heart says that are beautiful today and that makes you a “Real Woman!”