Study after study has shown that love relationships have a huge impact on our psychological, economic, and physical well-being. Having a beloved can provide intimacy and emotional support, which fulfills the deepest human need for connection, and lead to greater wealth and economic stability.

 There are numerous of studies that support the idea of a positive loving relationship. If this true, then why are there still so many people who don’t make “creating a loving relationship” a priority in their lives? I believe it is because they don’t know how. 

I speak to both men and women every day who desire to find their soul mates, or desire to transform their current relationships.  Yet it is evident that they simply don’t know how to do it. I realize there are numerous relationship gurus who proclaim they know the secret formula to finding your soul mate. They give you a 3 step cookie cutter magic formula that is suppose to make love instantly appear in your life.

 But there are not magic cookie cutter formulas for those of us who come carrying giant combo sized plates filled with heart breaks, betrayals, disappointments and relationship challenges.  But as a true relationship coach or expert, we should consider each individual as an unique case and seek real solutions that are made to tailor fit their individual lives. This is what I do in my own coaching programs. 

 Stop looking for a quick fixes, quit pretending that “Jesus” is all you need, and don’t continue with the “I don’t need a man” campaign.  Consider taking the first step…decide that you will make “love” your priority and contact me to get started.  Because your well being does depend on it.

Remember, Live Authentically, Laugh Everyday and Embrace Love as a Lifestyle!

Angela Carr Patterson, The Love Lifestyle Coach

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