As I travel with my work, I encounter many women who share with me about being stuck in a rut. They find themselves unable to move through the processes of life with the momentum and speed they want to achieve their desired results.  They are tired, overwhelmed and exhausted. Not so much physically, but emotionally. They feel spent. They seem to reach some levels of success and achievements, yet they can’t seem to hit the bullseye.

They are in relationships that are okay…not bad, but they are not great. They are earning good money, but not the kind of money they really desire to make. Their health is not bad, but they do have some health issues they’d like to see healed. They are not unhappy, but they are not as happy as they would like to be. Their lives are not in ruins, but it’s certainly not what they really desire it to be deep within. Simply stated, their soul’s are not satisfied.

Most often, I am able to zero in on what’s keeping many women from living the kind of life they desire and deserve. It’s common among us. The barrier that stands between what we say we want and what’s showing up in our lives and is creating much of our frustrations and discontents is: OUR LIES! Women Lie! We lie each others by pretending that things are one way when they are not. We lie when we pretend to be who we are not simply because we believe who we are is not enough. We lie to ourselves by telling ourselves that we are okay when what we really want to do is break down and cry.

We lie, when we don’t tell the truth to ourselves about ourselves. We lie to our children when we tell them to live by a set of standards, morals and values that we have failed to do over and over again. We lie when we tell ourselves that we are not good enough, that we are not pretty enough, not smart enough or simply not enough. We lie when we believe that someone else’s shine diminishes ours. We lie when we don’t believe that life can be better. We lie when we fall short of our fullness by playing small and refusing to say “YES” to a bigger game.

We lie when we believe that it’s our duty to make everyone else’s wants/needs a priority over ours. We lie when we think that if we meet their needs first they they will love us more and won’t reject us. We lie when we believe we are invisible and don’t deserve to be seen, heard and that we do matter. We lie when we don’t really believe that there’s someone who will love and cherished us just for who we are. We lie when we make promises to ourselves and don’t keep them. We lie when we tell ourselves that we will start on Monday. Ladies, We Lie. And until we recognize, acknowledge and release these lies, we will continue to attract people, circumstances and situations into our lives that confirm these lies.

It’s time that we Awakened Our Truth. Because when we dare to immerse deeper into the TRUTH of who we really are, what’s possible for our lives and embrace a new story, a new paradigm for living, we will see our lives move in a radical new direction. Life is a mystery that we unfold through mastery. As we become masters of our own lives, step into God’s Divine Image of who we are…Our Awakened Truth, we will create a new cultural story for ourselves…one filled with more love, more money, more  joy and more success. I call this, The Awakened Life. Now that’s An Independence Day!