Did you know that the greatest cause of illness, disease and death is unrealized dreams? Not living your dreams can kill you quicker than anything else. 

Living a life unfulfilled and not doing the thing that you LOVE creates a deep sadness, restlessness and stress in your life. And research has proven that 98% of all sickness and disease are a result of stress in the body.
Inspiration, love and gratitude heal and empower, and if you’re not doing what you love, you’ll feel ungrateful and desperate. I believe that desperate people do desperate things.
The difference between somebody who does what they love and someone who doesn’t is that the former identifies their fears and has a strategy to break through them.
Many women live their lives at the have-to level. “I have to go to work, I have to clean the house, I have to have him in my life.”
Living life at the have-to level will create an illusionary belief that you are being forced to do something and that you have no other options or choices, which leaves you oppressed, unfulfilled and disassociated from your own inner power.
I speak to women every single day who fluctuate between the have-to level, the ought-to level and the need-to level. Bouncing back and forth between these levels has caused a life filled with sorrow, loneliness confusion, exhaustion, body pain, emotional unhappiness and stress. 
What’s even more unique about them is their abilities to “put on their faces, to put on their masks” and walk around as if everything is okay. I see them project their false selves all over the place and hide behind the keyboards of their online devices and pretend to be who they really want to be by posting all kinds of falsehoods on Facebook and Twitter.
What would it mean for you and your life if at your deepest level you could experience true and real fulfillment, joy, happiness, health, abundance, peace, and love?
What if your life could be as you imagined and hoped? What would it feel like to move beyond the “have-to level, the ought-to level and the need-to level” and live in the “choose-to and the love-to level?” Because at these levels, there is free will and unlimited choices. These are the levels that create freedom, abundance and love in your life. It’s where you start to acknowledge your dreams and begin realizing that you can make them happen.