RainIt takes courage to quit your job when you are the only bread winner in the house. It takes courage to start a business and not know if you will have enough to make it.

After my divorce in 1995, I allowed the pressure of others to tell me that I needed a full time job and not to depend on my business to support me and my children. I was told that I needed a safety net. You see, I had owned a business for about 10 years when my first husband walked out.

I was so tired and didn’t have the strength to fight therefore I allowed the voices of others to drown out what I was truly feeling on the inside.  I closed my business and found a job. I worked a full time job for about a year and six months. I knew within my heart that I was meant to be an entrepreneur. That somehow I was allergic to bosses. LOL. Yet, I listened to the other voices.

Then one day it happened. I quit my job and I walked out on a Friday, only to never returned.  I felt happy and free. I remember a family member asking me, ” Angela, you quit your job?” He was so confused. But I was happy and excited. He then asked, “What are you going to do?” I replied, “I’m gonna make it and if I don’t, you guys are going to help me…at least feed us.” I laughed because I knew in my heart at I would not fail.

The next week, I found a building, moved in, launched my company again. I also replaced my full time job income within 30 days. I had to.  I had 3 children, a mortgage, a car note, food, insurance…you know the deal. I have never been afraid of stepping into the unknown or even failing for that matter. I’ve been a full time entrepreneur for 31 years, except for that brief 1.5 year detour.

I’m not special. I just understand that in order to do something like quit your job,  you must have an unwavering faith in God, believe in yourself and be dang on good at what you do. Then you must have a blueprint, systems, strategies and support (mentor/coach). I didn’t have social media or the Internet to expedite my business success. It didn’t exist like it does now. I had to do it the hard way and the old fashion way. I still use many of these strategies today to build my business. Some things never go out of style.

Many people talk about believing in their dreams, yet, they are not willing to go all in. They are not willing to move out of their comfort zone. They are not willing to remove their safety net. I knew that without a safety net of a job, that I HAD to succeed or my children would be homeless and hungry.  Sometimes, your safety net can be your biggest barrier to success. Your safety net is your good, but your dream is your GREAT.

I would never tell anyone to quit their job. This has to be a decision you make for yourself. What I will tell you is that  it takes a lot of work, a whole lot of grind and it may just cost you everything. My dream was worth it to me. I was worth it to me. I also knew that so many others would benefit from my dream being actualized.

I had a dream, I had courage and I was fearless in the face to opposition. You CANNOT listen to the noise, the voices or the distractions. You gotta be all in. You gotta be willing to risk it all to play at this level. There’s no safety net on your way to the top. I encourage you to believe your dream. You cannot be afraid to go out in the rain without an umbrella!