happyladyI have a mentor who always say, “It does matter with whom you do business with.” I would take this to mean that we need to be careful who we partner with in our business dealings because everyone is not a good fit for us. But over the years, I have also discovered how important it is to have the right people within your inner circle.

The people whom you surround yourself with is so important on your Awakened Life Journey. When I started this journey, I assumed that the folks who told me they were “all in” and that they were my “Gail” (like Oprah’s best friend) meant it. I still believe they meant it when they said it. 

But here’s the truth. People change, lives changes, seasons change and our own directions change. This doesn’t mean that the folks who started out with you,  are now against you.  Just because they are no longer around, you cannot take any of this personally. It just maybe divinely designed this way.

If the folks who are not meant to be with you on this part of the journey had stayed, it could be very destructive for you. You know the story of Jonah and the whale, right? Jonah was on the boat with some mariners. God had given Jonah a direct assignment and he did not obey. Because of Jonah’s disobedience, a storm began to rage in the sea. The mariners recognized that they were all paying a price for Jonah’s disobedience, and they threw him overboard. When Jonah was thrown overboard, the sea storm became calm and ceased. 

Who is in your circle, in your life, in your business that should not be there? Many times people have their own inner conflicts going on and they bring that energy into your life, your business and your camp.  And because of it, you are now experiencing some unexplained life storms.

We are constantly in a state of energy exchange when we are in each other’s presence. Think about the people within your circle. Do you get an instant feeling or twinge when you see their name appear on your phone as an incoming call? Do you begin to feel down, depressed or depleted after being around a certain person? They may have never done anything particularly terrible to you specifically, yet merely hearing their voice or seeing their face often sends you to a negative place. You are responding to their energy. If you are not careful, this could destroy your vision and your life.

Now, I must warn you. There are times when we don’t want to be around certain people because they challenge us in areas we are not willing  or ready to let go. Yet, we know deep in our hearts that this person is in our lives to help us, teach us and show us a different way. Even if it’s painful or uncomfortable. So let’s not confused uncomfortable growth with negative energy. Toxic energy keeps us stuck in struggle and good energy moves us forward towards abundance, joy and love.  

Energy is contagious and if not careful, your life may be infected by someone’s negative energy. Growing up, my mom used to tell me, “You become who you hang around with.” This statement is still very true today. We can actually take on someone else’s energy just as easy as catching a cold. Energy is contagious. Toxic people create toxic environments, and toxic environment creates disease and death.

This is not about judging anyone. This is about your own awareness. Awareness is important because it gives us the ability to make new choices. I want to encourage you to “create the energetic space” in your life that is in alignment with who you are and your truth. And one way of doing this is to be mindful of who you allow to share space with you when it comes to your business, your vision and your life. It’s about ridding your life of toxic people and things. As you become more intentional about doing this one act, you will begin to see how much easier it is to access your true POWER and begin manifesting and creating the life you desire and deserve. Be care who you allow to share your space.

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