We are all hearing conflicting predictions for the coming 2012 year. Some people are saying that is it going to be one of the worst financial years ever. Others are predicting it to be the year of newness and rebirthing. My question to you is, “who’s report will you believe?”

Will you believe the doom and gloom or will you believe the sunny, pie in the sky? I have chosen to believe what I know for sure. I believe 2012 can be the kind of year I choose it to be. Yes, each of us have the power within to create for ourselves the kind of life we want regardless of what is going on around us.

Most millionaires are made during a downturn economy. People will still get rich, people will still fall in love and get married. Babies will still be born, new businesses will still be launched, and people will still heal from sicknesses and people will still laugh and love!!

YOU are the only one who can determine how your year will look. We may not be able to prevent unfortunate things from showing up in our lives, but we do have the power to transform an unfortunate situation into something very powerful.

I would like to share with you 4  rituals that I have adapted in my life as I approach the ending of a year in order to prepare for the coming year.

  1. First, I plan my days off from work. I decide how many weeks I want to take off for vacation, spiritual refreshing, or just to chill. I go through my calendar and mark off as many as six weeks. I also take a couple of weekends to attend few important networking and business events. I go through and decide what I want to do and where I want to go. I also go through the calendar and mark off all of my family’s birthdays, to be sure I don’t forget anyone because I want to celebrate their birthdays.
  2. I streamline my life. I take at look at what’s most important to me and begin to eliminate non-essential, non-meaningful activities that takes me away from things that are most important to me. That could be decreasing the amount of television and chat time on the telephone and increasing time with family and reading more. I ask myself “what are the time stealers that are robbing me of the things that are most important?”.. and I make the necessary changes and adjustments.
  3. I decide on my “Bold Mo’ney Goal” for that year. How much money do I want to earn in my business as well as see come into my life. I don’t just base my goal on mo’ney that I can physically earn, but also on what I can manifest through my own giving and vibrational attraction in the Universe.
  4. I develop my business blueprint. I create a blueprint  to match the  portion of my bold mo.ney goal that will be generated through my company. I have a detailed, step by step blueprint. I know exactly what I will be doing in my business the 3rd week in September 2012. I use a unique system that I created to do this and I will be teaching it in many of my workshops and coaching programs
  5. Finally, I spend the final 10 days doing a daily ritual. I meditate, write,pray,  study my sacred texts and listen to God. Then I ask these  questions, “Who am I becoming?” “Who is trying to emerge through me?” “Who do I need to become in order to reach these goals?” It always amazes me of the answers I receive. As I get clarity on who I am needing to become in order to accomplish my goals, I listen also for what it will take to become that person.

It’s never what we do that keeps us stuck, it’s who we are being. Who do you need to become in order to generate more mo.ney, more love, more happiness, more health? How do you expand and grow? You need these answers. Because the same person who created the life you are now living will create the same thing next year if you don’t expand and grow.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and I know it may appear to be a little “woo woo”, but it has worked for me and I get to experience such an amazing life by allowing God to direct me and my path.

Remember, Live Authentically, Laugh Everyday and Embrace Love as a Lifestyle.

Let me hear from you, what are your rituals you use to prepare for the coming year? Who do you need to become? Share with us below!