People have a way of trying to determine your worth and value for you. For years, I allowed others to tell me who I was. I lived by a set of beliefs which drove me to live my life trying to please everyone. I must admit, I still feel a little discomfort when others criticize me for things they don’t understand about me. Yet,  I learned to stop defending myself or trying to get them to understand why I do certain things a certain way.


Let’s take for instance the way I structure my fee scale for my services and products. There are those who think I just pull a figure out of my head or my butt. Yet, I don’t. There is a formula and system that I use to price my services and products. I factor in development time, preparation time, outsourcing expenses, supplies, access and the value that I bring to the table.

I am amazed that some people get upset with me about my fee scale. They say things such as, “Who does she think she is to charge that much. She doesn’t have a business degree?” “I can’t believe she is charging so much?” “God called her to serve and she’s trying to take advantage of people and get rich off of them.” And here’s the one that makes me shake my head, “She’s all about the money.”  Then there were others who could afford my services, but didn’t want anyone to know they paid me. That would make them appear crazy. I actually had a couple of clients tell me that they were actually reprimanded for paying me a certain amount of money for my services. They were told, “Girl, I wouldn’t pay her that.”  I will admit that when I first started hearing these kinds of statements, I was a little disappointed.  I even tried to lower my price points to satisfy these rumors. I didn’t want people to think that I was all about the money.


It was until I learned the about law of fair exchange. I learned how money really works and the important  value of what I do and how I deserve to be compensated for what I do. I also learned that if I try to rescue people whom I perceive as not able to afford my services, I rob them of the lessons they need in order for them to grow. Until they are ready to risk something of value (their money) for something else of value (my services/products) they will never operate within the laws of money and fair compensation in their lives. If I undervalue my services by lowering my fees to their comfort zone, I have not only robbed myself, but I have robbed them as well of the limitless compensation they will receive long after my services are rendered. Because the bigger the investment, the bigger the return. And remember, investments don’t just return what you invested, it returns more than your initial investment.


scaleOnce I truly understood the laws of money and how they operate in our lives and businesses, I no longer feel disappointed about other people’s complaints and resistance to my fee scales. Because I know that the discomfort they feel is really an indication that they should move in my direction. Next levels only happen outside of your comfort zone. And if they are not ready. They simply are not ready.


And for those who are offended, upset and even angered by my fee scale, this means two things:  The first option is that they need to lean in and breakthrough the limiting belief that’s triggering the anger and pay for my services which will open an entire new wave of opportunities for them. Because many of my clients tell me that they only started to prosper in their life and business after they paid me and  became one of my clients. It’s as if the doors of opportunities and financial abundance began to fly open for them. I hear this often. The other option is to understand that you may not be my ideal client and you are not meant to do business with me at this level.


So the next time you are tempted to allow others to control or tell you what your worth and value should be, try looking deeper to discover the truth of what’s really happening. Only you get to determine your worth and value. Years ago, I remember one of my coaches telling me, “Other people’s lack of resources do not determine your value.” I finally got it. If you get this, it will change the game for you. Trust me. I know it will.


What value are you giving away to others because you don’t want to offend them? Leave your answer below: