Sometimes we just have to stop our lives for a moment. This  has been a very busy year for me. We planned a wedding, I released a new book, my mother became ill, my son had a terrible burn accident and I had surgery. All of this since January 2012.

Can we say busy? And I didn’t mention all of the other things that we women must attend to in our daily lives. While I pride myself on being organized and not allowing overwhelm to creep in, I still began to sense a need to shut it down.

This past weekend started off busy with an event on Friday evening, my grand daughter’s one year birthday party was held at our home on Saturday and Saturday evening our neighbors had an event. By the time Sunday arrived, I was totally exhausted. Not just from the weekend, but from the year.  I could literally feel myself slipping. I was too tired to have a discussion, so I handed my husband a note that read “I need out…I need it all to stop.”

Now that may sound a little crazy and I know the note didn’t give him a lot of information. But love has a language that goes beyond the physical mind. It was not what I said, it was what my husband could feel when he read the note. Love is a heart language.

He asked me to just take a ride with him. I didn’t know where he was taking me and in that moment, I really didn’t care because I trusted him to help me.   He drove me out to the lake and it was a beautiful breezy afternoon.  The drive was great and he didn’t say a word, he just simply allowed me to “just be.” As we arrived to the lake and found a nice place to sit; he held my hands while we sat  and watched waves in the water, not saying word to each other.  I could  begin to feel the tension ease away.

Sometimes life can become overwhelming. Yet, we have a choice to allow that overwhelm to take us over or we can find ways to turn it around.

There are 3 things that we can do to turn away overwhelm when it tries to creep in.

1. Pay attention to your body and your mind. You can feel yourself getting overwhelmed.  When this happens, don’t ignore it, simply stop dead in your tracks. Back away from everything, it’s time to get off the ride for a moment.

2. Ask someone for help. Reach out to someone in your supporting cast who will not require that you go into long explanations. When you’re overwhelmed, you don’t have that kind of energy. Your supporting cast member should be someone who loves and cares about you, not the work you do, not your cause, but you. That person will be able to feel you and know exactly what you need. We all need a supporting cast.

3. Change your environment. A change of scenery, especially somewhere in nature, always helps. Anything that takes you away for a while so that you can stop and smell the roses. Even if that change of scenery is only for a few hours, it does help.

Life is never going to be perfect, but it can be joyous. Even when times get tough we all have a choice to change it. Recognize when it’s time to get off the ride of life and stop for moment. You are worth the time.