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In the mid 1980’s News week ran an article declaring that single, college educated women over 40 would more likely die an a terrorist attack than ever walk down the aisle. Can you imagine such a claim? The claim repeated in movies and sit-coms convinced generations of women that if they were not married by 40, it would probably wasn’t going to happen.

A recent revisit to this article was highlighted on CBS news that now declares 80% of women over 40 are married and those that are single over 40 have a 40% chance of getting married. That’s great news, especially for those women who truly want to get married, As I travel, I am witnessing many women over 40 now getting married, yet, I am hearing that many of them are not happy in their marriages. Some even say that they saw the signs before they walked down the aisle. Many of these women are high level successful business women and leaders.

How is that we can succeed in so many other areas of our lives, yet, we still can’t seem to achieve the results we seek in our romantic relationships?  Could it be because we’ve been going about this love thing the way we go about our business and career goals? Hmm? Haven’t given this perspective much thought, have you?

I speak to women every single day who are either struggling to find true love, struggling to keep and sustain true love or who have just sworn love off love altogether. They’ve been betrayed by love so many times until they feel it’s simply not worth the energy anymore. All of the above saddens me because it simply doesn’t have to be this way. The truth is, Love didn’t betray you. You did.

You’ve been using the same energy that it took to build your success to try and build your love life and it will not work. When you do this, you are showing up in your relationships as someone other than your truest, divine, feminine deeper loving self. You are in discord with your truth, the truth of who you are as a woman and this creates discord in your relationships. Your head will NEVER create the kind of love you desire, need and crave as a woman. Only your heart will. Yet, many women have neglected to learn how to access this deeper part of ourselves. No one has taught us how to open our hearts wide enough to allow true love to come to us.

Yes, we’ve all loved from a deep place. But has it been from the deep primordial part of your soul as a woman?  Until we do, we will continue to be on this up and down love roller coaster. We will continue to be in relationships that do not give us real meaning, real fulfillment and make us feel loved and cherished. The truth is, when women are in love at this level, we blossom like a flower. It’s a space of sheer POWER for us. I believe this is why we struggle so much to get into that space or to remain in that space. Yet, it’s necessary that we live in a space of love. But, how do we gain access to this space?

I’m glad to asked. This is why I want to invite you to join me on August 20th for my  Love Rekindled Live Event. If you are ready for some pure, wide open, unconditional love, click on www.yesiamready.info. I will see you there.