mi526_1_1087_1We live in a busy world. Most people work 40 hours a week, not including commute time to and from work. There’s the running of the household, such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and mowing the lawn and more. If we are active at church, then there’s bible study, choir rehearsal and auxiliary meetings. Let’s not forget to mention grocery shopping, kid’s activities, bills to pay and we all have to get some sleep time. It’s exhausting just to think about our busy our lives have become.

If our average week looks like what I just described, when do we really have time for what’s important in our lives? Things such as spending quality time with our kids/parents/spouses, taking a long hot bath just to relax and visiting a love one who is homebound? What about taking time to write and mail that long overdue “just thinking about you” card to a friend (not email),  or just reading a good book?

We filled our days with so many “have-to’s” until we push out the “want-to’s.” Is this really healthy to the preservation of our families, our communities and our lives? Absolutely not!

One of the tools I use in my Lifestyle Coaching Sessions is called “My TOP TEN Heart’s Desires.”   My clients are asked to list 10 things they want to eliminate out of their lives within the next 90 days. Things that are no longer a priority and no longer serves who they are.

They are then asked to make a list of the things they do desire in their lives within the next 90 days.  Things that will move them in the direction of their dreams, their passions and their heart’s desires.

We then craft a blueprint and execute an action plan to begin the process of creating the life they truly desire.  A life that expands them and doesn’t overwhelm them. A life that embraces who they are instead of resists who they are.

With this tool, we are able to determine what’s absolutely important to them and release what’s no longer working in their lives.

I encourage you to do the same thing.  Take inventory of your life, let go of what’s no longer working to make room for what really does matter. What’s Really Important in Your Life?

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