12897992045EG4UkTo begin looking at our blocks and stuck places and why we have them, there’s an even bigger question we need to ask ourselves, “Who am I?” If we are going to get beneath the superficial symptoms to heal the deepest wounds that give rise to our life challenges, we need to address this question.

When I reached a defining moment in my life and I knew my life had to change. A defining moment is when you are willing to let go of who you are not, step into your most powerful space and become who you were born to be.

My starting place began with that same question, “Who am I?” It’s the question every woman must ask if she really wants to change the course of her life forever.

So, who am I? Well, we’re all human beings. I believe there are two different aspects of our natures?

We have two parts to our minds: a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Much of our behavior is governed by our subconscious minds according to our beliefs and habitual patterning, programming and reactions. Unfortunately, we are generally unconscious of the beliefs that most strongly influence our lives. And they are the ones that sabotage the best intentions of the conscious mind. Our need is to make conscious what is now unconscious so we can deal with it appropriately.

We also have both a personality governed by our ego and a divine self or spirit.  At The Love Lifestyle Center we understand “divine self” to be a unique expression of God. We see it as the spiritual/material bridge between our individual physical being and the almighty power or God or however you comprehend God. As human beings, we all have some understanding of our personalities. Most of us, though, have a limited awareness of our divine self.

The wisdom of the ages suggests that our challenge as human beings is to become conscious of what is now unconscious in us. Our life journey is to explore those parts of our nature that are presently hidden from us so we may express ourselves more genuinely. We need to become acquainted with our shadow side, the dark and unknown parts of our psyche that we have not yet owned. We also need to meet and own the divine side of our nature. Our ultimate aim is to embrace the opposing forces within us, the “bad” and the “good,” and bring them together in wholeness. This is transformation.

So what’s blocking your life? Blocks are challenges.  They indicate that something within us is out of alignment with the true nature of who we are. Blocks signal that we have unfinished business, or that past and distorted programming is repeating itself. All blocks hide our true nature, our essence,  from us.

We see blocks as limiting and we want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. They annoy, depress and infuriate us, and generally make our lives miserable

Yet, from a spiritual perspective, blocks offer our best and perhaps our only path to growth. Like or not, pain gets our attention. When I’d reached a point of desperation in my life, it was because I was suffering and in great emotional pain. Yet, my greatest pain became my greatest place of power because it forced me to look deeper and do the work. If we want to be rid of the pain, we must do the work that leads us to greater consciousness and joy. If we deny the pain and strive to avoid it, our problems will grow until our suffering becomes so great we’re forced to learn the lesson it brings.

What are you dealing with today? What are your blocks, problems, issues and pains? This is your chance to step into your greatest place of power and answer the most important question of your life, “Who am I?”

There’s a great blessing in your block, there’s a divine quality inherent in every one. This is a chance for you to step into your greatest place of power…Self LOVE.  Learning to love your self and actualize that power will transform your life on all levels.

It’s through the power of Love that we can heal all parts of ourselves and move our lives forward to infinite possibilities. Love yourself enough today to get the help you need to do the work and push through the fear to discover your spiritual, loving essence of who you really are.

And remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle. Because success in life really does begin with love.

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