As you know 2014 is the year that I’ve dedicated to going big and unleashing my dreams! It’s what I’ve been pushing my coaching clients to do as well.

I truly believe that NOW is the time for all women to begin to move in the direction of their dreams and to do it big. But I also realize that it cannot be done alone. While I am very good and talented at helping my clients achieve their goals, whether it be to find a soul mate, launch a new business or level up an existing business, pursue a career such as singing or modeling, increasing their money flow or making their marriage better, we have seen extremely incredible results.

What I know for sure is that anytime you decide to go after your dream, whatever it is, you need support. We don’t always see our blind spots, the things that keep us stuck or what’s right in front of us.  There are times when we simply need a new and fresh perspective on things. That’s what a good coach will always do for you. I believe this is the reason I have clients who have been coaching with me, privately, for years. They understand the benefits of having a coach.

I’m not telling you to hire me, but do hire someone who is skilled at doing the job. Also make sure it’s a truly good fit. Coaching between the client and the coach is a collaborative process and it has be right for it to work.

In the month of February, I had the opportunity to put this philosophy into action for myself. I’ve always had coaches. But because I’ve set some really high goals this year, so I decided to have VIP day. One of my coaches actually traveled to my home town and came to my home office and we put together a blueprint for my life and business for 2014. It was a wonderful experience to be on the other side of a VIP day. We worked for nine hours and I had a blast.

I have also joined a small mastermind of three other women. We meet every week via google hangout. We are all located in different parts of the country, but we are very connected to each other. They are like sisters. We hold each other accountable and we offer support and assistance to each other. It feels wonderful to know that I can go to one of my mastermind team members and ask for help and they are on it right away. We exchange resources and ideas with each other. We are all leaders and successful business women.

As a result of increasing time with my private coach, having a VIP day and joining this mastermind group, and increasing my prayer, meditation, studying and giving more in tithes/offerings, within 2 months the doors of heaven have blown open.

I do not share any of this to boast or brag. I am merely using this as an inspiration to you. I want to encourage you and challenge you to go after your dreams. I have a 3 step formula for making dreams come true:

1. Create Your Space: In order for your dreams to grow, you’ve got to create a suitable space and that space is your heart and mindset. There are things you must do to heal those spaces in your heart that have been wounded. Such as forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Also you must enlarge your heart space to love more freely. Where are you withholding love from yourself and others?  And you’ve got to change your mindset by erasing those beliefs that no longer serve you. These old sabotaging beliefs will keep your life stuck. Create Your Space for your dreams to be actualized in your life.

Access Your Power: Within you are possibilities and greatness. The only person who hasn’t recognized this is you. Love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. It’s where your true power lies. Access this Power through prayer, meditation and stillness. Without this Power, your dreams will be limited. But as you access more of this Power into your life, you open your dreams up to infinite possibilities. Where is your most Powerful space?

Unleash Your Dreams: Whatever you’ve been wanting to do or wanting to become in your life, now is the time to do it. What’s your first step? Who do you need to call, what do you need to do? This is the part where you need to ask for help. All big dreams are never accomplished alone. God never intended it to be  that way. Find your tribe, find your leader and find your courage to Unleash Your   Biggest Dreams and begin to Shine in the world!