American-Flag-1024x640The recent backlash at Steve Harvey and others who decided to meet with President Elect Donald Trump has deeply disturbed me. Why? Because as I read some of the comments, I witnessed such anger and rage in the hearts of our people. And now there’s an outrage at the artist who are performing. Do we really want to tell artist that they can’t perform at the inauguration? Really? Last I checked, we live in a free world where we can choose to sing where we want and sit and talk to who we want.  These folks are grown.  First let me say that I am not a fan of Mr. Trump. I make no bones about it. I will NEVER agree with a man who did his best to discredit our first African American President with the birther movement and NEVER issued a proper apology. I don’t know if many of you understand all the underlying pain that went along with that horrific act. I have not forgotten his awful statements of grabbing women by the p^$#y, or the fight he picked with a Gold Star family or how he mocked a disable man and tried to say he didn’t.

Now, the difference in me stating my disdain for Mr. Trump’s behavior and others viciously attacking those celebrities is that they are not our President. Mr. Trump must and should be held accountable for what he does because much of his actions will costs us greatly.  I was truly sadden when he won. Because I don’t believe he’s has the character needed to be a leader of the Free World. In many ways, I believe those close to him also know this, but they are willing to use him and ride his coat tail  for their own ego and desire for power, while we watch him mentally meltdown infront of the world. If you don’t think he’s having a meltdown…go back and watch his rallies, read his tweets and etc. I am embarrassed for him.  I simply don’t agree with who he has presented himself to be to the world.  Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, racist, sexist out burst have created more divide in this country. I am more convinced based on his recent cabinet choices that he does not have the best interest of people who look like me at hand. I listen to what you do, not what you say.

Yet, as President, he does get to make these decisions. That being said, I am also truly bothered and disturbed with how people are attacking citizens for the choices and decisions they make. Steve Harvey, Kayne West, Jim Brown, or Martin Luther King’s son does not owe any of us an explanation for why they do something. They do NOT hold public offices where they have to represent anyone other than themselves. They are not running for President where we can required certain things of them. They are only YOUR role models if YOU choose them to be. These folks are grown and don’t need your permission to make decisions for their lives. Would you want someone telling you whether you can meet with someone or perform somewhere? NO ONE has the right to tell me what I can do with my business.

Now,  If you choose not to support them or patronize them any longer, that’s your choice and it’s okay. But to take to social media like a “Internet Thug” or a raging animal and say some of the most heartless, foul, mean and harmful things is downright horrific.  I didn’t know that folks were so mean. Down right MEAN. Here’s what I know for sure. You are either contributing to solving this nation’s problem or you are contributing to making it worst. Hate and vicious attacks on anyone is an attack on us all. Because at our deepest level we are all connected whether we choose to believe it or not. You are due your opinion about something. I get that. Because I will speak mine as well. But you don’t have the right to attack…viciously attack people and their families and think that your deeds will go unnoticed or without consequences. When I mean consequences, I mean that EVERYTHING that we put out into the Universe brings back to us a match of that which we’ve sown. This is law…spiritual and universal law.

I have friends who support Trump. I’ve even had a couple who think that Trump’s Presidency is a blessing. While I don’t agree with them, I will never attack them for their choices. Let people be who they are and if it’s not in your best interest to be around them…cut them loose.  Come on folks, our children are watching us. They hear us. They see us. They mimic us. Yes, I have my opinion and I so freely speak it when I think it’s necessary. But to attack and demean a our fellow citizens because you don’t agree with the choices they have made…my question to you becomes, “What in you makes you to think that you have that right?”

Tomorrow will be a difficult day for me as I watch the Obamas leave. I’ve grown to love our First Family and appreciate the dignity, grace and integrity they have displayed in spite of the hatred and ridiculed they received during their 8 year term. I will forever cherish the legacy this man has left. Whether you agree with his policies, you cannot say that he didn’t lead with dignity, intelligence, grace…and a whole lot of swag…I might add.

As I think of Trump as my President, my stomach continues to hurt. He’s not shown me that he has the capacity to lead this country. In some ways, I believe he knows he is in over his head. At least those close to him realize it. I will, however, pray for him and his family. I will continue to pray for the healing of this nation. That I can do with integrity and heart. I will also look for ways to be a better citizen, to use my voice for true change/transformation, use my gifts and talents to make this country better. I will stand for justice, truth, integrity, love, kindness to all. 

I am not worried about being politically correct.  I am merely concerned about being honest, purposeful, kind and loving. Tomorrow will be new day for us in this country with a new leader. We will have a new President of the United States of America and his name is Donald Trump. Now, I’ve got to find a way in my heart to reconcile this fact, so that I can move forward to the things that matters most and continue the work that I’ve been called to do. We have a new President.  May God bless you and bless The United States of America.