Most of my friends, clients and readers have heard me speak about my dog Cody. Cody is very frisky and active. My family and friends like to say that “he is bad as hell.”  While they maybe correct in their observation of his behavior, I like to say that he has great personality.

Yet, as I exaimine Cody’s behavior, I have started to notice some things that are now teaching me some valuable lessons. All of life is full of lessons and our job is to pay attention to the small details.

In the picture, Cody is sitting in his room ready to get out and run. When we let  him out he just runs, jump in your lap, on the furniture and in your mouth if you are eating. He doesn’t have alot of boundaries because I haven’t set any for him. However, when he is around my husband and son, he doesn’t seem to behave that way.  I noticed that Cody exhibits a new behavior in the presence of them.  Then one day it dawned on me, Cody does anything he wants when he is with me because I let  him. He can sense and smell that I will not stop him and that it’s okay to take advantage of me.

Yes, I love this dog very, very much. Most of my friends find it so hilarious because I was never a pet lover until my daughter gave him to me for Christmas. But I have allowed my love for this dog to taint the way I have viewed our relationship together. I finally realized that I was so desperate for someone to take care of because our youngest child left for college and there were no kids in the home any longer. I  poured all of my mothering and nurturing into this dog and never even thought once to set boundaries. On any given day, you can come into my office and find all of Cody’s toys everywhere as if I have a toddler in the home, I even rock this dog to sleep sometimes at night. I know it’s crazy huh, aha?   He is totally out of control when he is with me because I have not required anything different from him.

How many times have we allowed our friends and family members to treat us the way I allow Cody to do me? How many times will people do to you what they would not think about doing to someone else?  Perhaps it is because they too sense in your energy field that says ” it’s okay.”   Are you in need of some boundaries?   Boundaries are not meant to keep people out of your life, they are meant to bring them into your life in a manner that will allow you to love and enjoy them with harmony.  Many times we will allow people to mis-treat us, abuse us or just plain on disrespect us because we don’t want them to leave us. But how’s that working for you?

While I don’t have a problem with my “bad as hell dog” and others do, you perhaps do have an issue with those who are treating you really badly.  Take a moment to re-evaluate some of the relationships in your life that are causing you great pain or stress. Perhaps you need to take a tip from Cody and I…”give them some boundaries.”

I would love to hear from you. Please no doggy training tips because I’m not ready to implement them…I really am loving Cody just the way he is.  But please feel free to share your thoughts below.