That’s my a photo of my great grandmother. I did not have the honor of knowing her because by the time I was born, she had already transitioned. But my mother has told me many ¬†wonderful stories about her and I have held those stories dear to my heart.

Many of the stories have influenced my life in many ways and are the reasons why I am who I am today. As I mature in age, I can’t help but wonder how the stories that I am currently creating in my life will impact my great grandchildren?

Stories shape and form our lives in ways that we have not yet begun to understand. They can either have positive impacts on the next generation or they can have negative ones. The great thing about this is that you and I get to choose how we want our stories to impact them. Each day that we live our lives, we are creating stories for the next generation. How do you want your story to read?

My great-grandmother’s father was a white man and her mother was black who loved each other dearly. She was born and reared in the deep south during a time where bi-racial children we NOT acceptable. Against many odds, including her life being at risk daily, she became a very successful business woman, wife and mother of nine children. While I have never met her, I know her and what I know has given me the courage to stand in the face of giants and not fear. This is the lesson that Laura Taylor’s story taught my mother who is a 45 year breast cancer survival and owned and a successful hair salon for over 38 years. This is the lesson that Laura’s story will teach my daughters.

Just like fire, our stories have power. Power to bring protection and warmth to many or the power to destroy lives. The great thing…you and I get to choose which story we want to leave behind.

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.