Your VIP Day Intensive

w/ Angela Carr Patterson

One Uninterrupted Day To Transform Your Biz! 

A Whole Day to Focus on you, your big vision, your ideal lifestyle, and creating freedom in your business!

Let’s face it! Building a business can be tough sometimes. Especially when we are not clear on certain essentials needed to create success. I’ve found that 99% of people have too many ideas in their head about what they’d like to do, but in reality, most of what they are planning is totally unnecessary, will take 10x longer, and won’t get any better results.

Just because the marketing guru you follow did a webinar doesn’t actually mean that’s the right strategy for you. That’s why we’ll decide TOGETHER the ideal strategy for you and your unique business. No more throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Let’s look into what’s truly most effective for your specific business.

Oh and we’ll also review your offers to see if we can make it stronger and more compelling. This way people will respond right away with excitement, and more of them will buy from you. Yes, we’ll get it done together in just one day, instead of it taking you months to do on your own.

“With no distractions or interruptions and me as your mentor/coach by your side, we will put a plan in place to help you consistently earn 6 figures and above as a service-based entrepreneur.”

Contact me to request your VIP Information Packet and to schedule a complimentary consultation to answer your questions.

Within 24 hours of our VIP Session, I had my first high paying client. And within four months of working with Angela, I have replaced my full time (six figure) income through these business strategies. Thank you Angela for the awesome work you do in assisting me to become the person I am in the mind of God.

Leslie Wilson

CEO/President, Delta Consulting

My VIP Session experience with Angela can best be summed up with one word: transformational. Angela, in her distinctive loving way, tossed me headlong into transforming both my business & my life. We were able to highlight the direction and specific details of my business in order to bring more income with less struggle and effort. The added bonus was seeing what I do from a much larger perspective. Working and playing from my “sweet spot” feels so natural that I now understand what is meant by,“To work and play and not know the difference is to be truly blessed.”Thank you Angela for blessing me and everyone you touch with your gifts.”

Anita Fiouris

CEO/President, The Blueprint Academy

I had my VIP session with Angela on yesterday and it was an insightful experience. Armed with her soft spoken words, plethora of knowledge, wisdom and understanding; mixed with a sense of humor, Angela help me raise my energy and excitement which took me to that place of clear purpose. She is truly blessed to do what she does. I encourage you to book your session without further delay-its your missing link!   Angela, Thank you for everything! I’ve changed position and I’m on the move.

Barbara Drayton

CEO/President, UB Funny Lady