As many of you know, I am very much an advocate for the world of coaching as well as mentorship. I believe that my success would not have been what it is today without the care, support of great coaches and mentors.  But in a world where coaching has become a huge phenomenal, how do you know who is the right coach or mentor for you?  My inbox was becoming inundated with too much information from too many different coaches and teachers until it was becoming difficult to keep up. Until one day I sat down I heard a “God Whisper.

“Never let anyone’s voice speak louder to you than the Voice within.” As I sat there to listen for more, I learned a valuable lesson. There will always be people who are smarter than you, who know more than you, who are better experts than you, but do you have to allow everyone to speak into your life? When we begin to listen and follow too many people, the results can become confusing for us.

One day I found myself getting frustrated trying to do the steps that one person was teaching, and also trying to incorporate the steps that someone else was teaching. Instead of moving forward, I actually remained stuck. Why? Because a confused mine doesn’t choose at all. So one day, I sat down to my computer and unsubscribed from every single person I was following. I also cancelled every membership that I was a part of. I then spent some time in prayer and meditation. I also asked myself, “who is speaking the language of my soul…of my heart?”

In answering these questions, I was able to narrow the number only 3. The funny thing, they are the people I started out my personal and spiritual growth with. They were the ones who spoke to my soul’s purpose and to the “who I really am.”  Not only do they resonate within my heart, but when they coach me, I can feel it also in my body.

Just because someone is good, doesn’t mean they are the right teacher, coach or mentor for you and the path that has been carved out for your life.  Who you allow to coach and mentor you should not cause you lose sight of your soul’s purpose or your authenticity.

Take a moment and look closely to how many people you are trying to follow and allow mentor/coach you.  Do they resonate with your message and your mission? Just because they are good, doesn’t mean they are right for you.  Are you listening to too many voices?

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