“Am I living as the person I want to be?”
This is a question I asked myself one day and the answer was a huge “No.”  What I discovered after pondering and reflecting upon this question, was I had been living an idea of what others believed my life was supposed to be.
As women, this can be easy to do and we not even recognize that we are doing it.
How many decisions and choices in life do you make based on what’s in the best interest for everyone else but you?


How many times do you say yes to doing things when you know it’s truly not what you want to do?


Or perhaps, you’ve been taught to put the needs of others before yourself?
What about trying to live up to others expectations of you?  It’s what a good woman does…right?
Hell no! Yes, I said it!
Because that’s exactly what I said to myself when I finally woke up to my authentic truth. The truth was simple…I’d been living my life based on other people’s idea of who I was supposed to be and what I was supposed be doing.  So I decided to ask myself some new questions that would force me to look deeper and be completely honest.

Here they are:


“If my life was over tomorrow, would I feel fulfilled with how I have lived and what I have accomplished?”


“What would my life be like if I weren’t judging it against expectations I’ve had, or comparing it to the life others have?”

“If I weren’t worried about what other people might think or how they might react, what changes or decisions would I make in my life?”

It took me a while to answer these new questions. But I did answer them and as a result of my answers, I chose to make some changes in life.  My life has never been the same. One thing to note, when you choose to transform and change your life, it will be met with resistance from others…many whom are close to you.


When you begin to lay claim to new territory in your life, there will be some who will not cheer for you. Yet, if you are going to live a full and completely authentic, joyous life, you must make the shift anyway. Now I have embraced a Life Reimagined and Success Redefined. Because I dared to choose ME and decided to cheer for myself.

Are you ready to choose YOU?