Let’s face it. Our world is in trouble. We’re in a crisis.  Yet, we know that crisis always proceeds transformation.


And one thing for sure, our world is in need of transformation. As a heart centered entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to better serve my clients, my community, my country and the world.


I want to see us get it right. I want to see us live in harmony, peace, abundance and love with each other. Some say that I’m dreaming. I say that this is how dreams are made. You hold these images in your heart and find ways to participate in making them a reality.


I believe our next level of change and transformation will be lead by women. Not just women, but Awakened Women. The Awakened Woman is one who has arisen from her sleep and is now owning her strength, her power and her voice to speak and give life back to things that are dying or have died.


So much has died in our midst. But this is about to change. I have declared 2018 The Year of the Awakened Woman.  The stage has been set. Never in human recorded history has there been the perfect time for an UNKNOWN to come on the scene with a new, fresh, and relevant message of change, transformation and hope, than it is right now.


Bishop Desmond Tutu wrote, “Our earth home and all forms of life in it are at grave risk. We men have made a proper mess of things. We need women to save us.”


And while the time is right for us to step up, there’s some things we must do first.


3 Things I Suggest We Must Do:


1. Heal Your Daddy/Mother Wounds. If we don’t face and heal the pain of our primary foundational relationships, we will miss our window of opportunity to usher in this new world cultural story that only women can do. These relationships shape our identity.  We must heal them in order to awaken to the truth of who we really are.


2. Find Your Authentic Voice: It’s time to dig deep and listen to the language of your heart and not the inner negative chatter of our mind. It’s in your heart where your true authentic voice lives.


3. Discover Your Message: We all come into this world to share a message with the world. It’s up to you to find out what your message.. I can tell you that your message is wrapped up in your life’s story.


4. Find a Vehicle: I believe that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for creating change. Most women start businesses with the intentions of creating change in the world. Launch that business, wrap your message in it and fulfill your purpose.


The woman who will hear this will respond and react with a maternal concern to the pain and suffering of others. Especially those who are vulnerable and powerless. This is a collective bigger story about being an Awakened Woman in the 21st Century.