The doorway to your dreams in 2023 will not be external. You’ve been programmed to believe that if you have a great business plan, attend the right networking events, obtain good marketing campaigns, new branding strategies, get your website/logo colors done, and work enough hours, that your dreams will come true. That your business will soar.

While all of these things are good and will help you succeed in Achieving your dreams…they are NOT the doorway to LIVING your DREAM. The doorway to living your dreams is showing up fully. These external things are the world’s view and they alone will get you limited success, yet, with a lot of pain and struggle. In order to live big dreams in 2023, you’ve got to EXPAND your CAPACITY to hold big dreams within yourself. You’ve got to enlarge your internal container, which is your HEART. Your heart has to change first.  Because everything we do is infused with the energy we do it with. So, if we only change the externals and don’t change the internals, it becomes a set up for disasters. And the only thing more painful than realizing that I blew it, is the realization that I blew it again…the same way I blew it before.

The situation repeats itself because you thought you knew enough to act off what you knew.  But we must come to the realization that just acting different in and of itself will NOT HEAL your life. Yes, you can fake it until you make it. You can act yourself into a new way of thinking better than you can think your way into a new way of acting.

However, at the deepest level, we betray ourselves and in reality other people can feel our energy. They know it’s not authentic. It’s time to transform from the inside out and it’s time to do the work. It’s time to LIVE your TRUTH. It’s time to OWN your TRUTH. My wish for you this week is that you find the support that’s needed in order to make the transformation. It’s not something that you can do alone or for yourself. You cannot be the student and the teacher in your own life.

Ready for a BIG LIFE in 2023? It’s yours for the taking. And remember, Live Well and Love Deeply, ACP