You’ve heard me talk about living the Love Lifestyle for years now. I have committed and dedicated my life to helping others learn how to the embrace Love as a Lifestyle so they can begin to experience a life they’ve never imagined. Because love truly is the answer to every single problem, challenge or question in our lives.

While I see myself as being totally committed and dedicated to my true purpose in life, there’s another word that recently surfaced from a deeper place within me, during my time of prayer and meditation. It’s a word that you don’t hear us speak about these days, yet, it is what I believe has been the reason many women are not achieving the results in life they’d hope. It’s the word that will open the doorways to unimaginable breakthroughs in our lives.

That word is “Devotion.”  We’ve used words like, commitment, dedication, loyalty, but we don’t often use the word devotion. defines devotion as “profound dedication; earnest attachment to a cause or person; an assignment to a purpose.”

I believe devotion is the inner attitude and the nature of the Love.  Devotion is an opening of the heart to the grace that flows through Love. It is an attitude of surrender in which the natural mind is surrendered to a mystery beyond our comprehension. While the vision that God has given you for your life may seem greater than anything you can imagine yourself accomplishing, know that an attitude of Devotion to God AND to that VISION will open the doorways to breakthrough and unfold unlimited possibilities for your life.

The attitude of devotion is an offering of our whole self to aligning Love with that which we’ve chosen to be and do. This inner offering is a dynamic state of surrender which attracts the higher energies of all that is good and perfect to our lives.

I don’t know what it is that you have chosen to do with your life. I don’t know if you have discovered your purpose and created a vision for who you are and what you are, but I do know that “devotion” must be in a part of it.

Love accompanied with this little word called “devotion” can ignite an ongoing explosion of breakthroughs and miracles in your life like never before.

Remember, Live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

What are you devoted to? Share with us below.