I’m Angela

We all have a story. A continuance of necessary passages. An entire account and blueprint of our earthly evolutions. Each story is a relevant thread weaved of infinite textures and multi-color hues.

Not every story will be spoken aloud or even shared with others. But every story is sacred. Some stories are short lived and others last for a lifetime. Yet, they are all apart of the shaping of our souls and our lives.

Every story is worth exploring and investigating. Unearthing the deeper currents and rhythms that threads through us, the real reason “why” we are here. Through our stories, we find our truth, our sacred purpose, our meaning and our magic.

It’s time that we give our stories a voice by pausing long enough to heal from the many wounds we encountered along the way. Deep within each wound, we discover our own brilliance to heal, to unfold, to emerge and ascend to our highest and infinite possibilities.

We won’t just gain access to the answers…we will BECOME the answers. This is how we inspire a new generation to own their greatness, to own their genius and own their gifts. This is how make the world better. This will become our LEGACY!


The Legacy Group

What is The Legacy Group?

The Legacy Group is a community style program led by Global Life and Success Strategist, Angela Carr Patterson, to help women 50 and over answer and advance their next level calling. Our goal is to help members actualize their Big Vision Story to inspire others and create a lasting impact in the world.

We aim to create a community of like-spirited, seasoned women who support each other’s expansion while honoring each other’s true-path. To foster an atmosphere that celebrates our connective-ness and our uniqueness. A sacred space where the our known selves meet the evolution of our unknown selves.

Through monthly group trainings, private coaching, and on- going support, you will:

Clarify and Identify Your Big Vision Story.

Craft a Platform To Share Your Big Vision Story.

Create a Movement to Amplify Your Big Vision Story.

In Just 12 Months

You Will:

Answer Your Big Vision Calling

You will learn how to excavate “read” your life’s story and unearth its depths for encoded information as to who you are and your sacred purpose for this season your life.


Share Your Big Vision Story

You will receive guidance and coaching on how to write and publish your life’s story book,  to inspire, uplift, heal and ignite a new generation to create a better world.


Amplify Your Big Vision Message

You will identify your own set of central life’s pillars and create a duplicatable, result driven signature message and course to share with the world.

Find Your Big Vision Tribe

You will learn how to identify “your tribe”…those who you are meant to serve and create a community of messengers and torch bearers who will help you Amplify Your Big Vision Message.

Launch Your Big Vision Movement

A good story connects hearts and bring people together and unite them in something worth living for. Through a powerful documentary short film, you will share your story in way that open hearts, heal wounds and ignite change in the lives of others for a life time.

A Special Message from Angela…

Many women, 50 and over, are starting to ask the questions, “What’s Next for Me?” You’ve been living in what I call The Divine Ache™. A space of discomfort, persistent nudges and whispers from deep within. They are coming from That Distinctive Voice…that Voice that gets down into the marrow of your bones. That Voice that wakes you up at night and you simply think it’s insomnia. It’s not. It’s the calling of your next level assignment. We all have a path we were born to walk. And your path is not finish. It’s a path that explores and expresses who you really are in the world. It’s your gifts, your callings, your offerings, your contributions and yes, your stories—Your Divine Sacred Purpose.  You’re in The Divine Ache™ because you have been too afraid to fully OWN your next level call, your next level path…you next level assignment. Because if you fully OWN it, you run the risk of failing. And you simply can’t handle another failure at this season of your life. But the truth is…when you align with this next level call…there can NEVER be failure. Why? Because the assignment is rigged…it’s was designed and ordained for you to only WIN! It’s time to Amplify Your Legacy and I will be there with you every step of the way to support your journey. Welcome to The Legacy Group.

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Enrollment begins in December and our program kicks off in January 2021.  Only 6 Slots Available!