“What Does It Mean to Be An Older Woman in this Culture?”

It Means Everything! 

“As we grow old, the beauty steals inward.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many seasoned women, 50 & over, are starting to ask the question, “What’s Next for Me and what shall I do with the good years I have left?” For many of us, we don’t have the answers. We enjoy the roles of being a mother to our adult children and we love those amazing grandchildren. Yet, it’s not enough for us to live through others, to be someone’s wife and mother but not SOMEONE in our own right. It’s time that women, 50 & over, begin to resist the plans that others make for us and instead of fading away or being the supporting role in someone else’s life, we are ready to become the Leading Lady in our own lives. 

While we don’t always know WHO we might become, we do understand that we are on the threshold of a phase in our lives in which we may BECOME more of ourselves than at any other time before. We all feel this stirring deep within our souls. Yes, we are entering uncharted territory as we face menopause and becoming invisible in a society that’s youth-oriented. There are those who believe that becoming older means becoming invisible. That’s absolutely not true. It’s in these years that we become more visible in the world than ever before. 

Each of us have a path that we were born to walk. And our journey on this path is not finished just because we are older. This path explores and expresses who we really are in the world. It’s our gifts, our callings, our offerings, our contributions, and yes, our stories—Our Divine Sacred Purpose.  The greatest fulfillment of your life is waiting for you. It’s RISE TIME for us women, 50 and over, to Amplify Our Voice, Our Value, and Our Vision. This is the BIRITH, the EMERGENCE, and the RISE of An Awakened Legacy Builder!

“Inspiring 10,000 Women, 50 & Over, To Awaken Lives and Build Legacies.”

Welcome to The Legacy Group!

​”In youth we learn; in age we understand.”- Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

The Legacy Group is a community of women 50 & over, who are ready to recognize and name what’s been stirring inside of them for years. Whether it’s to become more visible in the world, develop your inner life, pursue creative interests or be the centering influence in your family, this community will help you answer and advance your next level. Our goal is to help members to be a CHOICE-MAKER in this phase of their lives, which means what YOU choose to do or be must correspond with what is TRUE for you at a soul level.

We aim to create a community of like-spirited, seasoned women who support each other’s expansion while honoring each other’s true-path. To foster an atmosphere that celebrates our connective-ness and our uniqueness. A sacred space where our known selves meet the evolution of our unknown selves.

The Legacy Group’s focus is to help each member create more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic in her life.  During our time together, you will learn how to use our result given strategies to help honor your truth, all while creating the life you were meant to live. 


Member Benefits! 

Awakened Moments Videos 

Twice a month, you will receive a powerful Awakened Moment Video delivered to your inbox. We will share short moments of powerful inspirational and practical content that promise to result in big leaps of transformation for your life and career.

Coaches Cafe Club Membership

You will become a member of Angela’s Coaches Cafe Club where she offers her secrets to creating a rich, empowering, and transformative life and career that truly matters. Get up close and personal in her trademark “Monthly Master Classes” where she offers you the keys to creating massive success in your life and business. In addition, you will have access to an online portal that’s filled with teachings audios and videos from some of the world’s leading business/life coaches, thought leaders, spiritual leaders, speakers and more. A value worth over $20,000. 

Soul Stirring Notes

Start your week excited with a powerful personal note from Angela in your inbox designed to get you through your week with ease, beauty, and grace. Be sure to check your email to receive these powerful and enriching weekly notes.


A Supportive Community

We will do a lot of our connecting, sharing, and engaging in our amazing Global Awakened Beauty Facebook Community, where you will connect with like-minded women, find support, thrive, laugh, and have some fun. Be sure to join the Facebook Group. 

How We Deliver This Experience:

The Legacy Group is designed to offer you the very best content and coaching to help you reach your goals. By using our philosophy of “Doing Less and Being More“, we promise to deliver some powerful resources, content, and information to transform your life and help you Awaken Lives and Build Legacies.

You Will Receive: 

  • 2-Interactive POWERFUL Zoom Group Sessions per Month. (Valued $15,000)
  • 1- Monthly Coaches Cafe Club Masterclass. (Valued $7,000)
  • Weekly Emails Filled with Powerful Life Changing Articles and more! (Valued $5,000)
  • Awakened Moments Videos Twice a Month to Awaken Your Soul. ($1500)
  • 24/7 Access to our online Coaches Cafe Club portal filled with content and resources. (Valued $25,000)
  • A Safe and Sacred Facebook Community to share, connect and grow with other members.(Valued Priceless)

Benefits -at-a-Glance

There’s More:

Immerse in Powerful Soulful Conversations

You will participate in 2 powerful monthly Training/Coaching Zoom Sessions with Angela Carr Patterson, where she will share some extraordinary truths, spiritual wisdom, sacred principles, and strategies to living a life with more meaning, more mastery, more money, and more magic. You will also connect with other members in soulful conversations that’s sure to awaken your soul!

Answer Your Big Vision Calling

You will learn how to excavate “read” your life’s story and unearth its depths for encoded information as to who you are and your sacred purpose for this season of your life.


Amplify Your Big Vision Message

You will identify your own set of central life’s pillars and create a duplicatable, result driven, signature message to share with the world.

Find Your Big Vision Tribe

You will learn how to identify “your tribe”…those who you are meant to serve, and create a community of messengers and torch bearers who will help you Amplify Your Big Vision Message.

Share Your Big Vision Story

You will receive guidance and coaching on how to write your life’s most powerful and inspiring lessons. Your story will be published in our anthology book, “Our Name is Wisdom” to inspire, uplift, heal, and ignite a new generation to create a better world. Note: Book publishing fees are additional cost, but optional.


Launch Your Big Vision Movement

A good story connects hearts and bring people together and unites them in something worth living for. Through a powerful short documentary film, you will share your story in way that open hearts, heal wounds, and ignite change in the lives of others for a lifetime. *Note: Extra Rate for This Service, But Optional.

“Become the choice maker in your life by choosing to do or be that which you know is true for you in your bones, at your core and in your soul.” –Angela Carr Patterson



What They are Saying…


Revealing, Refreshing, Restorative Truth-Angela has heard the heartbeat and inner cries of every woman who for years have kept silent because of the fears she has about telling her truth and being vulnerable. Angela’s work allows every woman to come from behind her mask(s), speak her truth, release it all and live. Every women needs this truth and be set free.

Dr. Anita M. Jackson

CEO/President, The I Am Enough Institute

The calls are so full of great information from identifying barriers to success to very practical advice and guidance. All this with open, personal discussions with Angela! This is better than an MBA! I am so happy to be mentored by someone who has actually succeeded in building a successful life and career.

Ernestine Middleton

CEO/President, The Middleton Resource Group

“A Radical New Way of Living and Being!”

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