I recently posted a status update on my Facebook page that started a conversation. Here’s what it said:

“I’ve never understood jealousy between women…it’s a green eye monster designed to keep us from doing what women do best…coming together and making things happen. When we realize how much more powerful we are when we come together, love each other and have each other’s back, then the world will begin to shift and take on a new direction…we can literally change the world!! So let’s cut the neck of that jealousy monster…it has no place in the world of champions!!”

I was shocked to see how many woman “liked” the status and also made comments. It caused me to realize that we need to have a collective conversation about this issue that is affecting women. 

So ladies, let’s talk.  Don’t be apart of the problem, be the solution to the problem. Leave your comment below and share what you think we need to do in order to create solutions to a very serious problem that is impacting women everywhere. We need to start this conversation. We can change this with the help of all of us. Let us hear from you!!