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I’ve been an entrepreneur for 33 years now and I can tell you that I would have it no other way. I love building dreams and birthing visions. I also love helping women do the same and this is exactly what get to do every day. Yet recently, I’ve been noticing a common issue among women. They seem to be sadden. Don’t get me wrong, many are excited about how their dreams are being fulfilled. I see lots of women’s groups on social media chanting their theme of “Boss Lady.” I see them posting all of the great things that are happening and the success they are experiencing in their companies. I love watching women celebrate their wins. I celebrate with them.

Yet, what I don’t see is a lot of women sharing their happiness outside of their businesses, careers and their kids. We are notorious for bragging about our kids, our career successes and even our weight losses. I love seeing this happen. But the one area that you see very little from successful women is their love life. Now, I recognize that some women tend to feel that part of their lives need not be shared. I get it. But when I talk to women and the issue arises, I have encountered the some common pains. That is…many successful women are not truly happy in their love life. I didn’t say all of them…but if they were truthful, a lot of them feel that something is missing in their love life.

How can we become so successful in other areas of our lives and yet, when it comes to creating intimate, harmonious, healthy, mutually satisfying relationships, we are failing big time?

The answer? We have somehow forgotten that part of ourselves. We have disowned that part of who we are, because we remember the pain she’s experienced every time she opens her heart. So we hide and shield her. How do we hide her? We hide through our success, our work and taking care of everyone else. And somehow, we think this is enough for us.

The truth is, it isn’t. Women thrive when they live from their hearts. Love is a natural state for us. And when we are in love and being loved in returned the correct way, we blossom. Remember, when people use to tell you that you were glowing? They could tell that you had fallen in love. Yet, that love turned on you. That love hurt you and because of this, you’ve not allowed yourself to love deeply any longer. You’d rather play it safe and not risk being hurt again by anyone…including your husband.

So you busy yourself being his wife…his partner…but surely not his woman. Whether you are married, divorced, single, widowed or in a “It’s complicated” relationship…you deserve to be loved and cherished as a woman. It’s fuel to our soul. We’re built for love. Yet, we haven’t learned how to master this area of our lives. So we become driven by success because at least we can feel some sort of self worth and value from what we do. Because we are not really sure that we can be loved for WHO we are.

But isn’t it time for us to reclaim that part of ourselves that we’ve some how left on the table? It’s time to take back that disowned part of ourselves that we’ve not told to truth to. It’s time to heal that part of us that we’ve tried to shield from more pain. You’ve heard me say that this is the year to be Remarkable. I truly believe that when women are happy, loved and successful that we can and we will be apart of the radical change in the world. We women are fearless when we are living love in all areas of our lives..including intimate relationships.

Are you finally ready to recapture that part of yourself that wants and desires love? You can have it. Not only is it possible, it’s inevitable. I want to invite you to join my Insider’s Circle where I will be teaching women leaders and entrepreneurs on the keys to life mastery. Not only will we learn the strategies to make life work in areas of business, success and health…we will do some deep dives into relationship building…making love work. This program is about speaking to the soul of a woman. That includes your love life.

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