11109268_10153334374268605_601399213977232517_nIt’s been a moment since I’ve shared with you. That’s because I have been traveling speaking and I hosted my Fatherless Girls Summit.

Over 60 girls, ages 12-17, gathered to learn about healing and transforming their daddy wounds. We had some of the most powerful speakers on the planet, great entertainment and a day of fun, excitement and transformation. As you can see from the photo, the setting was absolutely beautifully done by Shonda Harrington of Anointed Designs and Planning.

I have received so many emails from the girls who attended the event. I want to share one of them with you…

Good morning Mrs. Angela! As you know, yesterday was Father’s day so I baked my dad a cake. He came, picked it up, handed me some money and left. While I am used to this, I was different this time. I wasn’t angry at him, I wasn’t aggravated by his presence. I’ve finally forgiven him and I feel so much better about a lot of things! So, thank you because if I hadn’t went to the summit last weekend, I’d most likely still be angry with him today, but I’m not. I even hugged him and told him I loved him before he left and that is improvement! I’m proud of myself for opening my heart and forgiving him. Again, thank you so much! I love you!”