Are you ready to shine in 2013? For the first time in recorded history women are starting to un-mask, and step up to really see ourselves authentically and bring the best of who we are to the table.

We are gathering everywhere. I am  hearing about online communities being formed, women’s conferences and retreats are at an all time high and we are coming together on larger scales.  There’s a pulling on all of us–a call towards the realization of our highest potential and service to the greater good.

We are beginning to realize our full potential as a celebration and an affirmation of life. Many of us are beginning to feel frustrated,  because whatever is happening inside of us must emerge now. It seems as if we are on a journey without a compass navigating towards territory we’ve never been before.

For some women, this can be frightening and the temptation to turn around is strong. You have started to doubt  your value and feel some anxiety about what  you have to offer. It’s because you feel invisible in comparison to your fellow sister who seems to have more…more education, more talents or more money.

You have become terrified about stepping up in a big way because you have become accustom to playing small. You don’t feel safe and you don’t feel secure.

I am here to tell you that it’s okay to feel that way, but it’s not okay to remain in that space. Of course women want safety and security. It’s what we all want. We love making others feel safe and we love rescuing each other. In fact, rescuing can be seductive to us. It feels better to rescue than to show up in our own lives. Because we can hide behind those we are rescuing. This is just another way for us to play it small.

As women, we keep each other small by agreeing with our stories of victimization. But this is how we lie to each other about the illusions we carry about ourselves.

Our conversations must change for the emergence to be complete. We’ve got to transcend these old patterns that no longer serves who are today. It’s time for us to pioneer new ways of being, new goals of our awakened sacred partnerships.

I believe there are three things we need for us to experience the realization of this new emergence:

  1. We need Courage and Skills. Sometimes we just have to jump and grow our wings on the way. Anytime you move beyond your comfort zone, you will experience fear. The goal is to push past the fear and learn the new skills to move forward. Often times we know what to do, but there appears a gap between what we know to do and what we actually do. Courage will give you the push to do it and gaining new skills will show you how to do it.
  2. We Need to Find the Right Tribe.  I’m talking about a tribe of women who are willing to stand with you and for you, until you can stand for yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than being apart of an authentic, loving and supportive tribe.
  3. We Need the Right Mentor. You need a mentor who is not afraid to point out your blind spots… the things that we don’t know about ourselves.  You need a real mentor…someone who will challenge you to become a more expanded version of who you can be. A person who will not tolerate you playing small and not partake in it.

We have not witnessed a lot of role models of women who are holding this kind of power collectively.  We certainly don’t see it on television. But the times we are now living are calling for this kind of conversation, this kind of collaboration, this kind of power and this kind of partnerships.  The Awakened Sacred Women Partnerships.

2013 can be your best year! If you are willing to implement the above steps in your life right now, your future can be as bright as a shining star. It really is your time to shine!!

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle!

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