Hi Beautiful Woman!

8 (2)I hope you are having an amazing day today.  As you know, I have been truly busy. Our company is transitioning, growing and doing things I never imagined we would do. I’ve hired 2 assistants and taken on 7 new strategic business partners to help make this growth transition successful as we turn my company into an international enterprise.

It’s exciting as we blaze the trail and navigate into waters that we’ve never been before. But isn’t that what it takes to “Build Dreams and Birth Visions?”

Speaking of Building Dreams and Birthing Visions, this is the theme of our “Wake Up…It’s Your Time to Shine Tour” that kicks off next month in Pasadena, California and then takes us all across the country. I am excited about meeting so many men and women and learning more about their dreams and visions. Don’t forget to grab your ticket www.timetoshinetour.com 

What about you? How are things going for you? Do you struggle with any unmet needs? What are they? Are things exactly as you would like them to be? What about you? Are you truly happy?

I ask you these questions because about 8 months ago, I asked myself these same questions. To be truthful, I was surprised at some of my answers. You see, I don’t ever want to lie to myself. I don’t ever want to betray myself again. I’ve done this before in my life and it landed me in a desolate space.

I’ve learned to be radically honest with myself. I care about me enough to confront the truth, when needed. I realized there were some unmet needs in my life. I also admitted there were things happening to me that didn’t make me happy. And things were not as I’d liked them to be.

In that space of radical truth, I realized that I had to go yet, another level. I had to immerse down into that primal level of my soul. A deeper space. A dark space. A space such as the cocoon, the womb, or beneath the ground. These were the same spaces where the caterpillar transformed into the butterfly, the embryo into the baby and the acorn into the oak tree. It was also the space where my new transformation would take place.

In that space of Immersion, I was able to tap into the deepest part of my soul only to discover things I never knew. This Awareness was key for me as it allowed me to make a shift and make some new choices. One shift was to give God an Unconditional Yes! To release and let go of everything that I believed belonged to me. I recognized it was all an illusion anyway. I understood that I owned absolutely nothing and yet, I owned everything.

With this shifting, I Emerged more Awakened to my Truth than ever before. The truth of about Who I am. The truth about Why I’m here on this planet and the the Truth about What I am here to BE. “The Light.”

This Emergence has transformed me inside out. This Awakening has created inside of me a “Fearless Bravery” that I’d not ever known before. This Awakening has me doing things that would have once scared me.  You see, I took the LEAP.  The LEAP onto the “Edge of my own Evolution.” This Edge is the line between my Me and my Magnificence. The Line between Who I have been and Who I really am. The Line between my humanity and my divinity. It was the Edge of my known self to the Edge of my unknown self. It became the line I had to LEAP over. The edge of who I was and now who I am.

It was about me stepping into my own Magnificence. A a sacred space where God lives, breathes, flows, speaks and exists through me.  I knew it was The Great Calling. It was my Awakening.

In this space of Magnificence, I no longer work from my own strength and capabilities. It’s as if I’m on auto pilot and what was once difficult, now has become easy. What was once a dream has now become my reality.  People are asking me what has happened to me? They sense something different. They say things like, “You appear stronger.” They respond to me differently.

Words come easily. Ideas flow endlessly. Problems come wrapped up in solutions. I no longer chase dreams…they chase me. I merely build dreams and give birth to visions. In this space of Magnificence, This Awakening, The Edge of my own Evolution, I Shine! And this Light is drawing so much good my way. Blessings have over taken my life.  I don’t Shine for me, I Shine for YOU!

So what about you? Are you ready to Leap onto the “Edge of your own Evolution?” Are you truly ready for your Awakening? The world need…NO!… the world must have more Awakened Women!  It’s Time for You to Shine.

I want to invite you to a special one-on-one private Wake Up Your Life Session whereby we will start the process of your Awakening. We will answer those unspoken questions that sit inside of you. I will use my gift and skill of questioning technologies to pull and call forth answers within you that you didn’t know were there.  In this safe and sacred space, I will help you identify any barriers that have prevented you from your own magnificence. You will walk away from this session with clarity and your next step. Don’t you sense that it’s time? That it’s your time to shine?

I only have a few slots available before my tour launches. This Wake Up Your Life Session is a 2-Hour One-on-One Private Call with me. There is a special fee of $235 for The Wake Up Your Life Session. If you see the value and you are ready to experience a transformation like you’ve never experienced before. If you are ready for your life to radically change, let’s you and I work together today.

Book Your Wake Up Your Life Session today. Register Here!

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