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Living in The Divine Ache™…Giving Birth to Your Next Level is a book about fear, honesty, courage and the power of surrender. It’s one woman’s struggle through the truths she resisted and refused to accept after the sudden death of her mother, brother, sister-in-law, and two year old granddaughter’s diagnosis with cancer.

Global Life & Success Strategist, Angela Carr Patterson, takes you on a journey of never before told stories of her emotional breakdown that lead her to face some unimaginable truths about herself, her life, her work and her relationship with God.  Candidly and openly, she gives the reader an inside look into a transformative process she calls The Divine Ache™ Life.  It’s a daunting internal space that forced her to go deeper into the uncharted territories of her soul and embark upon an invisible path of uncertainty that ultimately led her to a life reimagined and success redefined.

This book is about what happens when we find ourselves in circumstances and situations for which we never could have predicted and on unfamiliar roads without a working navigation system. It will serve as a guide when we navigate through those difficult and painful roads and help lead us to our next level and new season of joy, abundance and infinite possibilities.

Learn why all of us will eventually find ourselves Living The Divine Ache™ and what happens when we stop resisting, begin to trust and surrender to the process.  A must read for anyone who is ready to awaken your truth and Give Birth to Your Next Level.

A Relevant Message for These Arising Times!

Angela Carr Patterson is on a mission to share her powerful message of The Diving Ache™ Life. In a time when so many women are finding themselves stuck in the “ache”, Angela wants to help them learn how to navigate through these troubled waters and discover what’s waiting on the other side. Watch and listen as this modern day spiritual thought leader awakens your audience with her powerful Six Cycles of The Divine Ache™ Life that is sure to activate the power of God in their lives to give birth to their next level calling. 

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Join Angela and her friends in our Divine Ache™ Community for a Facebook Live Book Launch on Monday, JUNE 10TH at 9PM EST. Watch and Listen as Angela Carr Patterson shares candidly and openly about why she had to write this book. Get up close and personal as she offers even more never before told stories of the Cost and the Call of living The Divine Ache™ Life. Get your copy of the book on May 11th and join the Facebook Community Now: