Many of us have been on this personal growth journey for quite some time. We have been empowered and we’ve experienced tremendous breakthroughs in our lives. I guess it is safe to say that you have finally found your authentic self and your authentic voice.

I have encountered many women who feel they are rewriting the stories of their lives, but now on their own terms. They appear to be free and happy. They no longer dance by other people’s tunes, nor do they allow what others think about them to influence their decisions, thoughts or behaviors. 

 I am so happy to hear that many of you are living life more authentically. You have moved from a place of victimhood to now a place of empowerment and that, my sister, is so wonderful.  Yet, I have also noticed something that is quite disturbing about this whole scenario. While many of you are now empowered and living your authentic lives, you have forgotten one important element to the empowered life and that is to “surrender”

The only way to live a truly empowered life is to recognize and surrender to the fact that we are “whole” because of our oneness with God. Anything less would deceive us into thinking that we are our own God, thus our own creator.

There is much chatter about how you don’t allow anyone else’s voice to speak louder than your own and how you don’t care what others think. Yes, we should not allow other people’s opinion to change us or impact us negatively, but we must never forget to surrender all of this to God.  When we forget our divine heritage, the mind assumes that we have all the answers. A mistake none of us can afford to make.   Confusion about the Source of who we are translates into confusion about ourselves and others.

I listen to many women speak about how free they are now, yet there seems to accompany that new found freedom a sense of entitlement and a little bit of arrogance. We become so excited about living this life of authenticity that we move in to a mode of trying to protect our territory. We become fixated on trying to avoid allowing others to  dim our lights or take away our truths, until we have forgotten that the true authentic life is one that is surrendered to and grounded in unconditional love and can never be protected by ourselves. Understanding that our protection comes from God, frees us from having to be defensive and or fearful.

While there are people who will show up in our lives and they don’t serve who we’ve now become, they certainly are not the enemy and we must be careful not to categorize them as so. Surrendering to Love will allow us to remain free to be our authentic self, yet give us the power to transform the world around us, including those who show up in our lives for whatever reason. Therefore, we must understand the real truth, that there is no “them and me,” but there is only, “us.”

I want to caution you to embrace your new found life of freedom and your new story of love, celebration and authenticity. But remember, it will not be a lasting journey if it is not grounded and surrendered to Love. Only love will answer every question in life. Only love will keep you in a space of empowerment. Only love will continue to bring all good into your life and only love can bring about true freedom!! Empowerment will open the door and let you in, but only love will keep you there.

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