ImageProxy.mvcThere was once a farmer who lived in a village and he was also a herder of sheep. One day, while taking his sheep out to pasture, he discovered a shivering lion cub, obviously separated from his family. After hours of no sign of his family, the farmer took the cub back to farmhouse and began to raise him among his sheep.

Over the next eight months, the shepherd hand-fed this cub with fresh milk, kept him warm, safe and secure in the farmhouse. The cub had grown up with the sheep and would go out daily to gaze with them. They had accepted him as one of their own and he acted like one of them. 

After fifteen months passed the little cub has become an adolescent lion, but acted, sounded, responded and behaved just like the sheep. The lion had become a sheep by associaton. He had lost himself and become one of them.

One day, four years later, the shepherd sat on a rock as he watched over his flock at the river drinking water. Suddenly there appeared out of the jungle a large beast that the grown lion cub had never seen before. The sheep all panicked and dashed towards the farm and so did the grown lion who thought he was a sheep. They were all stricken with fear, especially when they saw the shepherd hold up a blood-drenched lifeless body of a lamb from the flock.

Seven days passed without further incident and they were back grazing. The young lion went down to the river to drink. As he bent over the water, he suddenly panicked and ran wildly towards the farmhouse for safely. He thought he had saw the beast again, but what he saw was his reflection in the river

A few days later while at the river again, it happened.  He came face to face with the beast from the Jungle. The flock of sheep dashed to safety, but the young lion couldn’t move. His head was spinning as the beast came within 10 feet of him and growled at him face-to-face with frightening power in a way that seemed to say to him, “Try it, and come and follow me.”

As fear gripped the young lion, he decided to try to appease the beast and make some sound. However, the only noise that came from his jaws was the sound of a sheep. The beast responded with an even louder burst that seemed to say, “Try it again.” After seven or eight attempts, the young lion suddenly heard himself make the same sound as the beast. He also felt stirring in his body and feelings that he had never known before. It was as if he was experiencing a total transformation in mind, body and spirit. 

Suddenly, there stood in the river of life two beasts growling at and to each other. The young lion had to make a choice. His day of decision had arrived—he would have to choose whether to live life as a sheep or to be the self he had just discovered. He knew that to become his true self, he would have to give up the safe, secure, predictable and simple life of the farm and enter the frightening, wild, untamed, unpredictable, dangerous life of the jungle.

It was an invitation to become step into his true, authentic power of being king of the jungle. 

So it is with you. Your day of decision has arrived. Will you choose in the direction of who you really are and your dreams, or will you choose who you have been programmed to be? Are you willing to move beyond your comfort zone and allow someone to help you move towards what’s calling you, what’s pulling you and what’s trying to emerge within you? Or will you remain with what you already know and what’s familiar and comfortable for you. Understanding that nothing great happens in the comfort zone. 

The beast challenged the young lion to become who he was born to be. I am challenging you to do the same. The beast was able to show the young lion who he really was born to be.  Are you ready? Are you willing to move beyond the comfort zone, star in your own life’s story and begin to unleash your greatest potential to shine in the world? Then do it now!!