stop_woman-620x412Often times we get stuck in life because of circumstances that come our way. Perhaps you find yourself unemployed or divorced from your marriage. Maybe you were forced to close your business or move to another state. Whatever the reason, you have become stuck.

I believe there is one reason that many people find themselves stuck and can’t seem to move beyond their circumstances. The reason we can’t seem to move beyond our stuck places is because of our beliefs about our circumstances.  Many people believe that they’ve been robbed. You believe that your job was stolen from you, that your relationship was stolen or that you were robbed of that business. You feel victimized because you should not have been fired or laid off. You feel that your marriage didn’t work because your spouse was not cooperative in making it work. In other words, you feel your loss in these situations were a result of something taken from you.

But what if these things were not stolen from you? What if the cycles and seasons were complete? There are times on our lives when things have to be completed. When we believe something was stolen, we remain in a constant state of wanting it back. This attitude keeps you stuck in always looking backward instead of moving forward. You focus all of your energies in trying to recapture what was instead of looking towards what can be.

Perhaps you are not trying to get your marriage back, but you spend a lot of energy trying to find that next husband instead of allowing yourself to create a relationship with yourself.  Maybe you don’t want that same job or that same business, but you go into a panic and stress desperately trying to get another job. Why not breathe and allow God to direct you into the direction of the new job waiting on you. Stillness creates the magic.

What if you could accept the fact that everything that has left was a result of a cycle or season being complete? And when something is complete, you can rest and be at peace that things turned out just as it was supposed to.

As a result of this realization, you can move forward with a deep expectancy of something more beautiful and more expansive in stored for you. You may not get a replacement for that husband because you can enter a new and beautiful union that is deeper and richer than anything you could have desired. Not a replaced marriage, but a new one because you decided to spend time with yourself first.

You see when you complete high school, you don’t feel that you were robbed of high school. You have  a sense of completion and you then begin to anticipate a new world called college. You don’t regret high school or feel robbed, you celebrate leaving high school and moving onto the next chapter of your life.

So the next time something in your life ends, no need to try and get it back. Recognize that it was not stolen, but that season has completed itself and it’s time to move onto a new chapter. This is how you get unstuck by celebrating what was and embracing what can be.

And remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.








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