Fatherless Daughters Are Now Ready to Tell Their Stories!

MSV-home-page-9Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant did an Expose’ on Daddyless Daughters on the OWN network last year in July. Since that time, much as been written and spoken about the impact on a girl’s life when she grows up fatherless. We’ve been inundated with theories, studies and researches that show the many negative consequences on a girl growing up without an attentive, loving father.

New books are on the rise, television shows are being created and even the bloggers are hopping on the band wagon to talk about fatherless daughters. “It’s as if we have become some sort of phenomenon,” say’s Angela Carr Patterson, Author of the highly acclaimed book, “I’m Not That Woman…A Fatherless Daughter’s Journey to Being” and creator of the soon to be released documentary, “The Making of a Fatherless Daughter.”
Patterson continues to say, “Everyone is trying to tell our stories, but we are the ones who lived it. I think it’s about time that we had our say and tell our own stories, in our own unique way.”

With the success of her book, Angela has traveled speaking to women who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father. Through her “Fatherless Daughter Breakthrough System”, she has helped women from around the world heal their daddy wounds through the principles of Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Understanding the depth of this pain and the many severe consequences experienced by females once they reach adulthood, Angela is on a mission to help women heal and create a new story for their lives.

As a third generation fatherless daughter herself, Angela knows first hand what it feels like to be invisible to your father while growing up. And as a result of this one key missing element in her life, she certainly struggled to make her life work. After her first marriage of sixteen years ended in a bitter divorce, Angela began what she calls her, “Journey to Being.” The “Journey to Being” process consist of seven principles that she incorporated in her life to help her move through her pain to healing her daddy wounds and to now living a life of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

The founder of The Fatherless Daughter Network and a Fatherless Daughter Advocate, Angela is thrilled to introduce her new soon to be released documentary, “The Making of a Fatherless Daughter.” This powerful and sensitive short film features the stories of five women who grew up as fatherless daughters. Two of the women fathers were in the home and viewers will learn why they still considered themselves fatherless daughters. The stories are told with transparency, honesty, a lot of raw emotions and more importantly with an intense amount of forgiveness and love. “The women in this film placed it all there for us to see. They were authentic, real and transparent”, says Angela. Angela continues on by saying, “It’s time that we had our say and told our own stories. We are not a study or a statistic, but we are real women who’s lives have been impacted by this issue. We are not here to blame our dads or play the victim. We are not broken or damaged, we simply need to heal our daddy wounds and rewrite a new story for our lives.”

This film not only shows that it’s possible for women to heal their daddy wounds, but if they are willing, it’s also inevitable.”

To learn more about how you can host a Making of a Fatherless Daughter Viewing or to attend one in your area, contact info@fatherlessdaughters.net. To get more information about The Fatherless Daughter Network, log onto www.fatherlessdaughters.net

Time to Stretch!

2579How often do you streeeeeeeetch your outer limit comfort zone?

If you are ready for more passion, excitement, fun and want to come off the same old treadmill…

If you want to express more creativity and spontaneity…If you want to ignite an inner spark so you feel more alive…
If you want more love and more money to come into your life…

Then you need to be willing to take new steps into new territory.
We often hear people say that we need to do something new if we want something new. But what they don’t tell us is “how.” We tend to do the same thing over and over again because that’s what we know. It’s not just what’s comfortable, it’s all we know. I believe we would do more if we knew more. What I’ve learned from coaching couples in conflict is that most of them truly love each other, they simply lack the skills needed to make love work.

As with you. You would have more passion, fun, spark, aliveness, money and love if you truly need “HOW” to obtain it in your life.

What I’ve discovered is that most people don’t seek the help needed because they believe it’s a sign of defeat or it means they don’t know something they should already to know. I say that’s a limiting belief that will always keep you stuck in a rut.

So here’s my question to you. What are you doing right now to learn the “HOW?” That’s your responsibility to find the person or thing that can show you the “HOW.” Then take your next step to make the connection. You life could be radically different in the next 90 days by simply taking the next step to learn the “How.”. You really do have the power to change your life with your next step. What’s Your Next Step? Leave a comment below:

Make The Shift!

Life-is-too-shortWe’ve all heard the saying that things are changing. The days of yesterday are gone. And while it is true that change is constant and change is necessary for progress, many of us have not adapted to the kind of change that we as a human species are now experiencing.

This kind of change is different. Different in ways we’ve never seen before. While we’ve been going to work, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, running errands, no one told us of this kind of change that would impact our lives forever.

We are in a world of vulnerable transition and if we don’t learn how to master these transitions, many of us will become lost or left behind.  As women, we are also experiencing the kind of changes that we’ve never encountered before. Our children, even our adult ones are not behaving in alignment to how we’ve raised them, our relationships and marriages are experiencing challenges we’ve never encountered before, things are happening in our businesses and on our jobs that has us taking a step back to think about our next step and even our bodies are doing things that are surprising us. Why is this happening?

Because the Universe is shifting. If you don’t believe this, just look at the whether. One day it’s beautiful and 78 degrees and the very next day it’s cold and snowing outside. Nature is our perfect radar.  What am I trying to say to you?

The world as you’ve once known it is gone, so stop waiting for life to get back to normal. We are in our new normal. Where we are experiencing the chaos and conflict is in those areas of our lives is where we have refused to make our own internal shift. If the world as you’ve known it has shifted, then why haven’t we made the shift as well? Because we have not learned HOW to make the shift.

The kind of shift is necessary if we are going to succeed in this new world. If we don’t learn new ways of being and new ways of showing up in the world, we will continue to experience these extreme disappointments in our lives. We must make the shift from who we were to who we really are. The time is calling now for us to awaken unto the truth of who we are if we are going to move into the flow of abundance, love, peace, well being and joy. This is the new world that is waiting on us to make the shift.

That’s why I am inviting you to join one of the fastest growing women’s shift experience ever. The Awakened Sacred Woman Master Class is fun, relaxed and focused ongoing group style coaching program facilitated by Angela Carr Patterson. This is a rare opportunity for you to get up close and personal with Angela in a group style setting where she will help you to “MAKE THE SHIFT and achieve personal life mastery. What are you waiting on? Make the shift now… www.ourmasterclass.com

Mental Spring Cleaning

097C2488CD5441D196A966A7E8FC8F46.ashxSpring is in the air and we are all ready to open the windows, get rid of all the old stuff and bring in some new after a winter that felt like it would never end.

You can visibly see when your home needs some deep spring-cleaning but as many busy career women, many of my client’s don’t see how spring cleaning their life is a good idea until their life is too cluttered too. Just like the studies that show that physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information, life’s stresses can clutter your mental and physical heath too. Here are my five tips for a good interior spring cleaning that will keep you sharp and focused far beyond spring for your work, family and balanced life.

Practiced daily you will notice becoming more alert, focused and energized!

1. Start your day with mediation. Sweeping out your mind of negative thoughts and emotions is something to do daily. Meditation helps to not only clear your minds, its calm your minds and reduces stress. Commit to at least 10- 15 minutes of mediation each morning before you start your day.

2. Release who no longer serves you. When you spring clean your home, you often get rid of old clothes, furniture and other household items. Do the same in your mental spring cleaning. Who are the people in your life that drain you? It’s time to release them. Many times well meaning people can drain us and bring negativity into our mental home. Decide who they are and begin to gently and lovingly release them.

3. Let go of the past and forgive. Have you ever struggled to get rid of an old sofa or worn out chair that’s been there forever just because it has been there forever? . Letting go of old offenses can feel that way too. Spring is the perfect time to let go, forgive and move your life forward. Remember forgiveness is for you and not the other person. Forgiveness says, “I’m willing to be free from other people’s junk that they’ve tried to force onto me.” It’s not your job to allow them to continue to wreck havoc in your life. Discover the lesson and move on. You cannot change the past, but you can change the way you feel about the past.

4. Close any open loops. And open loop is anything that you’ve started, but didn’t complete. When you make a promise, you have started an open loop, a new project a new loop. Every loop you have either enhances your life or drains your energy. These incompletes will add up and leave you feeling heavy, drained and prevent you from moving forward. They keep you mentally stuck and prevent you from stepping up in a bigger way in life and in your career. Close open loops quickly.

5. Most importantly, practice self love. Love is healing, love is powerful and love is the answer to every question. I see women everyday that looking from the outside live absolutely magnificent lives. They are incredibly gifted and talented, powerful and lovely, yet their internal house is not in order, they self neglect, self reject, feel unworthy and unlovable. Love is that thing that makes your mental house sparkle. Love gives your life the fuel it needs to move forward. It’s the power that awakens the brilliance within you. It’s your time to shine and love is the power that creates the magic in your life.

Spring time is the perfect time for a good mental and physical spring cleaning too. Bring new energy and vitality into your awareness and watch your life bloom before your eyes. Make a commitment to practice mental spring cleaning today. Remember, “The overflow is for others, the full cup is for yourself and an empty cup serves no one.”

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

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