Are You Still Committed?

On this coming Thursday, it will be March 1st. We are now entering into the 3rd month of 2018. By now, many people are either winning in their commitments they made the first of the year and many or not.
Why do you think some people keep their New Year’s commitments and intentions and others simply don’t?

It all comes down to commitment. We are constantly making commitments and not keeping them. We start diets and by the end of the week, we’ve fallen off the wagon. We start projects, businesses, and ideas that at first excite and thrill us, yet never seem to complete them. Or perhaps we create bills and debt, but don’t pay them. 

Did you know that setting an intention or making a commitment and not honoring it creates some serious ongoing energy drain? None of us needs that. It’s not good enough to just intend to do something, it must be put into action.

Take a deep breathe. There’s no need to judge yourself here. Simply become aware of how you have been showing up in life when it comes to your commitments. Then make a new choice.

I want to share with you 2 things you can do to improve upon your commitments.

1. Be clear and specific about what you want, what you are aiming for with your commitment. The more clarity you have, the more likely you will follow through. Many times we get stuck and don’t follow through because we are not really clear about what we want to achieve.

2. Get clear about “why” you want to do that thing you’ve intended to do. The more you understand your motivation for it, the more committed you will be to follow through, even if you have to build new habits that support you.

As with anything, when we get to the deepest reason for why we want to do something and we understand clearly what that something is, we will tap into the powerful motivating forces that will support our success. This experience will have more meaning for you and you will follow through and realize greater results.


Has Your Woman Hear Me Roar Turned Into a Meow?

I’ve been out here a for a minute as a full time entrepreneur. Thirty three years to be exact. I have had my share of failure and successes. I’ve been in the penthouse and the dog house. I’ve studied under and learned from some of the best in the business world. I’ve been coached and mentored by household names.
Over the years, I’ve seen business change. Much of it for the better and some for the worst. I’ve heard that because of the internet, we can collapse time and do more. While this maybe true, there’s also a lot of cons to this who internet and social media craze when it comes to operating a business.
There are many business and success gurus that are teaching us the latest techniques for getting our brand to the masses. We’re told that if we don’t do certain things and do it regularly and often that we will not create the kind of success that we desire.
So what do we do? We create a Facebook and Linkedin profile, an Instagram page, Twitter, Youtube and for many you’ve added some others. Now, you’ve got to learn how to use all of these effectively to get prospects to look your way. You now need to get people, lots of people to follow you, like your posts and etc. You’ve been told this is real marketing.


Then there’s your website. You must have a website? Right? Not only a website, you need a stand out logo, brand colors, banners, business cards, brochures, post cards and etc. Are you tired yet? Hold on a minute, because you’re not finish.


You’ve got to drive traffic to your website, get SEO and build a massive email list. Because you’ve been told that you can only earn good money if you have a big email list of at least 5,000 or more. There’s more. Like conference calls, google hangout, Facebook Live, uploading to Youtube, answering emails, text messages and returning phone calls.
Next, you are told to do live events, create a product and write a book in order to gain entry into mainstream. Okay, take a deep breath. Just breathe because there’s more. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s enough to drive a woman insane. Even though you’ve hired assistants and virtual assistants, your hands and your head is about the explode. Because you still have much more to take care of than just your business.


There’s groceries to be purchased, dinner to be cooked, laundry to do, homework to look over, taking the dog to the vet, dance classes and sports for the kids. Who has to do it? Most often we do. Not to mention, you having to deal with hot flashes, thighs getting bigger, girlfriend drama and you can’t forget getting in the time and sex with your husband. Whew! Are you tired yet? Is there any time left for you? Is there time to sleep?..not only sleep, but to rest.


You’re trying to be the “Boss Lady” “The Woman hear me roar.” But you can only belt out a whisper of a “Meow.” That’s because you’re overwhelmed, overworked and overloaded. Can you truly be happy and physically thrive in this kind of rush?
So many women entrepreneurs can relate to this and so have I in times past. But it was within the past few years, that I discovered these strategies were simply too masculine for my system. They were killing me and many other women.


When women try to tap into strategies that are not in alignment with their feminine essence, the truth of who they are, it can become draining and depleting. Oftentimes resulting in illnesses. As a result, you’re tired emotionally, feel stuck, used, abused and you still are not seeing the results that you’d hope to see.


As we continue to evolve, it’s important to understand that doing business from a deeper place is necessary to ensure permanent success in our lives. As I was working so hard from a masculine energy, I would experience success. Yet, that success would not be permanent because I would have to work even harder to keep it.


I simply didn’t want to continue on this up and down roller coaster. As women we want much more than overwhelm and our heads filled with all the things we have to do next. We want success in the boardroom and the bedroom. At least this is what I wanted. I wanted to know that my business would be successful and my family life would be successful.


I wanted to know that I could work and play with ease and grace. I wanted time and money freedom, but I wasn’t interested in implementing strategies that simply were not authentic or natural to my system as a woman.


This is why I created my Awakened Life Journey experience. It’s for the woman who is ready to dump all of that stuff that no longer serves her feminine power. It’s for the woman who knows there’s another way that speaks to the core of who she is. It’s not just a program filled with feminine strategies that work for women, it’s a way of life. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the Awakening to your truth. The truth of who you are, the truth of what’s possible for your life and the truth of actually achieving it without the stress, strain and overwhelm. When you Awaken Your Life, you open the flow of infinite possibilities for your life. The women in this program with me have started to see a new paradigm for working and living.


I’ve been able to reduce my work time down to 3 days a week when I’m not traveling or doing events. In these 3 days, I am able to accomplish much more, attract and manifest more money, more love and more success that ever before. You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” I have a new phrase for you. “It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re being.” Living the Awakened Life is more about WHO you are. When the shifts happens, life and business becomes so much easier.
You have only one life to live. Are you sure you want to live it in chaos, confusion, stress, and overload? This keeps you on empty and you cannot give to others out of an empty cup. I’m not saying that my Awakened Life Journey is the ONLY way…but it sure is Another Way. It’s a new journey. But it’s a journey worth taking.

It Simply Was Not My Problem

09c600ce6c3a40bda66f56679421d239In my line of work I have the unique opportunity to speak with women from around the world. One common challenge for most women I meet is dealing with feelings of unworthiness. Not so much in a self rejection kind of way, but in feeling that women are not living their truth.

As a woman, you spend so much of your time taking care of other people’s issues and problems that it leaves little room for yourself. I remember sitting down not too long ago reflecting back on my day. I did a mental list of how many times during that day I was called upon to fix, listen, share, take care or put out a fire…of someone else’s problems. When I took a look deeper, I realized that I personally did have any struggles or problems that day. Yet, I had allowed everyone else’s problems to become mine.

My stomach was feeling tight, my breathing was shallow and I was exhausted from other people’s problems. Some were my adult children’s issues, my mom’s issues, my friends issues and client’s issues. It was in that moment that I recognized that I didn’t have to be the cure all for everyone. I didn’t need to be the first person they thought of when something happened to them.

Do you feel me? Don’t you get tired of folks looking to you to be a quick fix and once it’s fixed, you don’t hear from them again until it’s broken again?

Instead of being upset with others or myself, I simply decided this wasn’t the life I wanted for myself. So I made a change. Now, when I get a call from someone who has an emergency problem, I ask myself these questions, “Is this a lesson for me or them? Is this my problem to solve? Am I really needed in this situation or is their a bigger story unfolding that does not involve me?” Once I’ve honestly answered these questions, I take actions that are in alignment with the answers. If my answers are “no” to the questions, I simply listen to them for a brief moment, then I tell them that I will pray for them and to keep me posted. I then say goodbye.

Of course my private coaching clients have the honor of having me there to coach them through their issues. It’s what they hired me to do. So, that’s a different story because it’s my job. But I’m talking about something different here.

As women, we were not designed to be everyone’s dumping ground. We are nurturers, life givers, but not door mats. Our need to be needed because that’s what makes us feel worthy can become a destructive pattern for us. We have to be very mindful that being needed doesn’t stroke our ego or make you feel special or important. You are already special and important. Stop organizing your life around everyone else. It’s the not best for you and it’s a form of hiding. Hold yourself in the highest manner and others will do the same.

We are to be there for others when they are in need. But you cannot never give to others from an empty cup. Women all over the world are serving from empty cups. It has left us feeling overwhelmed, depleted and drained. This not God’s highest good for you. One of the most important questions I have come to ask myself is , “What would they do if I was dead?”  They would find a way. That’s what they would do.

In living Love as a Lifestyle, you owe it to those you care about to take care of yourself first. This allows for you to give your best self to them. Who’s filling your cup? You have to fill your own cup. Take a moment and breathe. Stop carrying other people’s problems on your back. Release and stand up for yourself. It’s a lesson worth learning.

I want to hear from you…what do you think?

No Shortcuts to Success


Many people are searching for shortcuts to success. They believe the hype by all of the gurus that tell them if they do their 3 step magic formula that success will happen. I want to share with you why there are no short cuts to success.

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