What Are You Waiting On?

You know that it’s your time for you to step out and step up bigger. You have this dream that simply won’t go away.
Okay, maybe you’ve been playing at it somewhat. And you’ve experienced a little success with it.  Oh, alright…maybe you’ve had great success with it. But you know deep within that it’s time to play bigger. It’s time for you to LEAP!
It’s time to move in a direction that you don’t think you have the qualifications. Yet, the pressure is building because you sense it’s time to make a move and that’s exactly the direction you should go.
You’re in what I call, The Divine Ache™. The Divine Ache™ is a nagging feeling that set right in the middle of your stomach, around your navel area. It’s not necessarily a pain, but an ache. The ache symbolizes a new idea, a new vision or dream that is waiting and wanting to be birthed.  You know in order to give birth and get rid of the ache, you’ve got to make a move.
The thing is…this move will require that you walk away from somethings…and some people. YES! I said it. There are people in your life right now that you know you cannot take with you to that next level. I didn’t say they could never go…just NOT right now.
Because they can’t handle the level you are moving towards and taking them with you would abort the mission. It’s because their energy is just too heavy to go with you. But once you are there and your footings are sure…there will be some people (not all) that you can reach and bring there with you. Simply because you love them.
There are also other things you will need to walk away from. It could be your current position at work or a business that you’ve done for years. You keep feeling and sensing that this current  journey has completed itself and it’s time to move on. At least this level.
There’s a new, fresh and relevant idea that’s been trying to emerge from within you. Could it be that your dream is changing, expanding or moving in another direction?
Of course you’re thinking, “It can’t be because I’ve been told that what I am now doing is my God given purpose?”  So you think you can’t move away? Do you really believe that God can give you only ONE DREAM?  We’re talking about God, Right? Infinite Power. The Creator of the Universe. Right? Are you trying to put God in a Box? Surely not God.
The other reason you keep pushing this dream away is because what you are currently doing pays your bills. You are not willing to risk losing that income. Plus it’s what you are comfortable doing. It’s what you are good at doing and it’s what you’re known for. Why would you want to start over at this age and in this season of your life?
Maybe because it’s time. Perhaps because God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can for yourself. At least that’s what Oprah says and we all know she knows. LOL…just joking.
Seriously,  this is a new season for you and it requires a new level of trust, faith and courage. It’s uncomfortable and you are not good with feeling uncomfortable or unsure. However, when you are still and quiet, that idea, that new vision keeps resurfacing. When you really sit with and think about it, you can feel the fear, the joy and the peace all at the same time.

Yet, when you resist these thoughts and ideas, an underlying restlessness and discontent surfaces because you know as long as you ignore the Divine Ache™, you are compromising your own integrity and truth. Therefore, you are ready to give birth to that next level. You are ready to walk down that invisible road.

What are you waiting on? Go ahead, take you walk Awakened Beauty!

It’s Time to Dream Again!

follow-your-dreamsWhat we see is not necessarily what really is. For most women, our lives do not reflect who we really are. Many of us are living life “as it comes” when in reality, we should be living our dreams.

Our lives don’t reflect who we truly are or what we can be. As I travel and meet women I encounter those who have no sense of personal purpose. I see them struggling with aimless or misdirected lives. This has become an epidemic among women.
Yet, there’s so much hidden inside of each of waiting to be revealed. Les Brown says, “there’s greatness inside of each of us.”  I believe there are dreams inside of you. The dream you have or once had for your life that is not yet a reality, the gifts and talents you have not yet developed, the purpose for your life that is not yet fulfilled, the “something” you’ve always wanted to be or do but for some reason have not been able to accomplish.
No matter who you are or where you are from, or who your parents were…every woman is born with a DREAM! God created each of us with a unique vision and dream for our life. He has tremendous plans for you that no one else can accomplish. The tragic things is that many women live their entire lives without ever recognizing and actualizing their dreams.
How do you remove the blinders and barriers to uncover the dream within you? Helping people capture and fulfill their dreams has been the cornerstone of my business for almost thirty years. From entertainers, celebrities,  entrepreneurs, speakers, and even stay at home moms, I have spent countless hours as a “dream-maker.”
I want to do the same for you. What does it mean to capture the dream for your life? There was a story about a little girl who was on a cruise ship with her dad. They were standing on the back deck on a beautiful, clear, fresh day. The little girl was standing on her tiptoe to see and finally said to her dad, “I can’t see anything.” The father picked her up and put her on his shoulders, so that she was higher than anyone else on the deck and was able to see everything around her. “Daddy!” she exclaimed. “I can see farther than my eyes can look.”
This little girl’s statement captures the essence of dreams: the ability to see farther than your physical eyes can look–to see not just what is, but also what can be and to make it a reality. Dreams are an idea that is inspired by God in the heart of a human. The greatest gift God has given you is a DREAM.
Throughout history, progress has been made only by people who have seen things that were not there. They had a vision of what could be. They dared to dream.
If by now you are starting to feel something stir inside of you. If by now these words are beginning to resonate somewhere deep inside of you, then it’s time for you to dream again. It’s time to awaken the dream within you. 
I want to speak with you and ask you 5 Questions. Only 5 Questions to help you begin to capture your dream. Simply email me at info@thelovelifestylecoach.com , your name, contact info, your time zone and the best time to call. Let’s start you back to dreaming again and change the world.