Get to Stepping!

Hello Beautiful Love Lifestylers!

10603480_10152640228938605_5387890838120508729_nI am still excited from my time with Oprah at her Life You Want Weekend in Atlanta, GA. It was the most powerful and enlightening time of my life. I truly believe a deeper shift happened within me at that event.

Since returning home, I’ve asked myself a question that I always ask when learning something new.  And it is, “What key actions will I take as a result of this new information?”

I will tell you that I have taken some massive action steps in just one week. I will surely share them with you at another time. But here’s my point today.

We are all in information overload. There’s not anything we want to know that we can’t find on the Internet. We  have access to all kinds of information. But this information does us no good if we don’t access it deep enough to create massive change in our lives.

I believe there are 2 things that you begin doing to create massive change and transformation with the information that comes to you each day.

1. Share what you’ve learned. When we share, we anchor our own learning. Many times we want to keep the information to ourselves because we don’t want anyone else to have it. We somehow believe that if someone else has the same information they will achieve more than us. This is an illusion that keeps you thinking that if someone else wins, you lose. It’s called the zero sum mentality which will keep you stuck. So begin to share in empowering ways and watch your life change.

2. The second thing is to ask yourself key questions. Tony Robbins said, “The quality of your life is in relationship to the questions you ask yourself.” One great question to ask yourself after learning something new is, “What key action will I take as a result of what I just learned?” This question forces you to do something, to take action.  Massive action equals massive results. The bigger the action step, the bigger the result.

Yes, we are inundated with information. We can’t change this fact. But we can allow the information we receive to benefit us when we understand what to do with it. The above one-two steps will do just that for you. So get to stepping!

I am holding a space for you to shine and celebrating your success.

So remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle. Because success in life, really does begin with love.

Have a rich and love filled day.


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Make The Shift!

Life-is-too-shortWe’ve all heard the saying that things are changing. The days of yesterday are gone. And while it is true that change is constant and change is necessary for progress, many of us have not adapted to the kind of change that we as a human species are now experiencing.

This kind of change is different. Different in ways we’ve never seen before. While we’ve been going to work, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, running errands, no one told us of this kind of change that would impact our lives forever.

We are in a world of vulnerable transition and if we don’t learn how to master these transitions, many of us will become lost or left behind.  As women, we are also experiencing the kind of changes that we’ve never encountered before. Our children, even our adult ones are not behaving in alignment to how we’ve raised them, our relationships and marriages are experiencing challenges we’ve never encountered before, things are happening in our businesses and on our jobs that has us taking a step back to think about our next step and even our bodies are doing things that are surprising us. Why is this happening?

Because the Universe is shifting. If you don’t believe this, just look at the whether. One day it’s beautiful and 78 degrees and the very next day it’s cold and snowing outside. Nature is our perfect radar.  What am I trying to say to you?

The world as you’ve once known it is gone, so stop waiting for life to get back to normal. We are in our new normal. Where we are experiencing the chaos and conflict is in those areas of our lives is where we have refused to make our own internal shift. If the world as you’ve known it has shifted, then why haven’t we made the shift as well? Because we have not learned HOW to make the shift.

The kind of shift is necessary if we are going to succeed in this new world. If we don’t learn new ways of being and new ways of showing up in the world, we will continue to experience these extreme disappointments in our lives. We must make the shift from who we were to who we really are. The time is calling now for us to awaken unto the truth of who we are if we are going to move into the flow of abundance, love, peace, well being and joy. This is the new world that is waiting on us to make the shift.

That’s why I am inviting you to join one of the fastest growing women’s shift experience ever. The Awakened Sacred Woman Master Class is fun, relaxed and focused ongoing group style coaching program facilitated by Angela Carr Patterson. This is a rare opportunity for you to get up close and personal with Angela in a group style setting where she will help you to “MAKE THE SHIFT and achieve personal life mastery. What are you waiting on? Make the shift now…

Mental Spring Cleaning

097C2488CD5441D196A966A7E8FC8F46.ashxSpring is in the air and we are all ready to open the windows, get rid of all the old stuff and bring in some new after a winter that felt like it would never end.

You can visibly see when your home needs some deep spring-cleaning but as many busy career women, many of my client’s don’t see how spring cleaning their life is a good idea until their life is too cluttered too. Just like the studies that show that physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information, life’s stresses can clutter your mental and physical heath too. Here are my five tips for a good interior spring cleaning that will keep you sharp and focused far beyond spring for your work, family and balanced life.

Practiced daily you will notice becoming more alert, focused and energized!

1. Start your day with mediation. Sweeping out your mind of negative thoughts and emotions is something to do daily. Meditation helps to not only clear your minds, its calm your minds and reduces stress. Commit to at least 10- 15 minutes of mediation each morning before you start your day.

2. Release who no longer serves you. When you spring clean your home, you often get rid of old clothes, furniture and other household items. Do the same in your mental spring cleaning. Who are the people in your life that drain you? It’s time to release them. Many times well meaning people can drain us and bring negativity into our mental home. Decide who they are and begin to gently and lovingly release them.

3. Let go of the past and forgive. Have you ever struggled to get rid of an old sofa or worn out chair that’s been there forever just because it has been there forever? . Letting go of old offenses can feel that way too. Spring is the perfect time to let go, forgive and move your life forward. Remember forgiveness is for you and not the other person. Forgiveness says, “I’m willing to be free from other people’s junk that they’ve tried to force onto me.” It’s not your job to allow them to continue to wreck havoc in your life. Discover the lesson and move on. You cannot change the past, but you can change the way you feel about the past.

4. Close any open loops. And open loop is anything that you’ve started, but didn’t complete. When you make a promise, you have started an open loop, a new project a new loop. Every loop you have either enhances your life or drains your energy. These incompletes will add up and leave you feeling heavy, drained and prevent you from moving forward. They keep you mentally stuck and prevent you from stepping up in a bigger way in life and in your career. Close open loops quickly.

5. Most importantly, practice self love. Love is healing, love is powerful and love is the answer to every question. I see women everyday that looking from the outside live absolutely magnificent lives. They are incredibly gifted and talented, powerful and lovely, yet their internal house is not in order, they self neglect, self reject, feel unworthy and unlovable. Love is that thing that makes your mental house sparkle. Love gives your life the fuel it needs to move forward. It’s the power that awakens the brilliance within you. It’s your time to shine and love is the power that creates the magic in your life.

Spring time is the perfect time for a good mental and physical spring cleaning too. Bring new energy and vitality into your awareness and watch your life bloom before your eyes. Make a commitment to practice mental spring cleaning today. Remember, “The overflow is for others, the full cup is for yourself and an empty cup serves no one.”

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

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Celebrate Your Dark Place

girl-praying2It’s funny how we tend to get frustrated and anxious when nothing seems to be working in our lives.

When there appears to be illusions of darkness all around us. We struggle in our finances, we continue to have relationship issues, job issues or our businesses are underperforming and failing. Sometimes it feels like we”re walking around with a dark cloud over our lives.

I can relate to these scenarios because at one time in my life, these were my experiences as well. I often felt like my life was one big curse. In fact, I even said it a time or two. Until one day, I had an epiphany as to why my life seemed to be one long dark road.

What I came to understand was that my dark experiences were really times of intense growth, expansion and transformation in my life. They were not necessarily a bad thing, in spite of the pain, frustration and anxiety I had experienced. They were all necessary parts of my journey.

Imagine for a moment, a flower seed? When the seed is planted in the ground, it’s covered with dirt. There’s darkness all around it. But the darkness is providing that seed  the necessary nourishment for it to eventually grow into a beautiful flower.  Another dark place is a mother’s  womb. We’ve all been there one time in our lives. It’s dark, yet it’s equipped to provide the baby everything he/she needs to grow and become strong.  Then there’s the cocoon, another dark place where the caterpillar enters and exits as a beautiful butterfly. Within the dark cocoon, a radial transformation takes place and end result is something magnificent.

So in the midst of what you think is a dark place, I recommend you shift  your perspective by asking yourself, “what has this come to offer me?” What is the gift that I’m to receive while here? Listen quietly, allow your heart to remain open and begin to embrace the gift.

Life is set up for you to win, even when it appears that you’re not. When we shift our thinking from victimization to victorious and understand the  power of  our dark places to transform our lives, will begin to expand in ways we’ve never before.

The one thing that our dark places all have in common is an expiration date. That’s correct, you dark places are only meant to last for a short period of time.  They have an end. They are not here to stay. Our job is to stop resisting and begin to flow. So the next time you find yourself in a dark place in your life, celebrate because the best is yet to come.