It’s Your Right!

images-1Today is the mid-term election and I want to encourage you to get out and exercise your right to vote. For years, women were not allowed to vote. As an African American woman, I remember hearing stories from my family about how we were not given the right to vote either.

While I don’t remember these times and many of you don’t either, it’s important for you to know that many lives were sacrificed and much pain and hard work was given in the name of justice. So that you and I could exercise our voice and our rights. I will never tell you “how” to vote because I believe that is solely your personal choice. But I will encourage you to vote. As women, we love to talk. When you vote, you have spoken and someone may just hear you. That’s me on left sporting my “I Voted Sticker.” I would love to see yours. Please share your in the comments below.

A Charmed Life

EE73B6F937484807BC817E2A31CAD136.ashxLife has a funny way of showing up when we least expect it. This past weekend was one filled with fun, laughter and joy. We spent it at Lake Junaluska with my husband, his siblings and their families. We all lodged in this huge, old Victorian style house. Can you imagine 8 siblings, their spouses, kids and grandkids altogether for an entire weekend and no drama? This is our 3rd year doing this weekend trip and I loved every moment of it. When I arrived home on Sunday, I ended up in the emergency room for 3.5 hours.

I discovered that I had the “Shingles.” As you know, the shingles is very painful. But here’s the catcher. I have absolutely NO PAIN! My 80 year old mom just recovered from the shingles and I watched, as I cared for her, suffer with such pain. When I realized that I had the shingles, I spoke to my body that it would not experience any pain. And it hasn’t.

I’m on medication and I was given some unnecessary pain meds as well. As I was meditating and praying, I was reminded that when we walk in pure, wide open, unconditional love, it can transcend time and space as we know it.  It creates a miraculous life. I spend my days teaching others the POWER of LOVE. And Power is what Love is.

I heard someone once say, “Miracles ride in on the wings of LOVE.” Everyday that I awaken, my prayer is that I become a full expression of love in the earth. I will not lie to you and say that there aren’t times that I want to do anything but love. Because there are those times. And I sometimes I do forget who I am. It’s in those moments that we have others around us to remind us of who we are and we simply REUNIFY with LOVE.

My husband and I were having a conversation the other day and I said to him, “People think I live a charmed life.” He looked at me and replied, “You do live a charmed life.” As he began to share with me all of the wonderful things about my life, I had to agree with him.

I didn’t say that my life was perfect or without issues and challenges. Because it is. But it is also filled with miracles. I have learned how to navigate my life towards truth. The truth of who I am and the truth of what my life is suppose to be. It’s the Love Lifestyle. Living the Love Lifestyle will create a life filled with miracles…a charmed life.

I want to encourage you today to make a quality to decision to Live Love as a Lifestyle. It will create for you a life beyond anything you can imagine. That is a promise.

Remember, Live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle. Because success in life, really does begin with love.

Have a rich and love filled day.

I’m Your Love Lifestyle Coach and Loving YOU is who I am.

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Design Your Week

Screen-Shot-2013-03-03-at-6.26.39-AMI  truly believe that we have the power to live our lives by design. We all  have been born with amazing capabilities to create life with our thoughts and our words. Today, I want to challenge you to dedicate this week to God.  Decide that you are going to have a wonderful week filled with love, peace and joy.

You can do this by starting each day in prayer, meditation and focusing your attention on Love. Begin to imagine in your mind the kind of week you want and begin to speak that image out loud. Be specific, feel the emotion attached to it, write what you’re feeling down in your journal, read it aloud and thank God for it being granted.  Our words give power to our lives. Therefore remember to speak only what you desire to see manifested in your life. Purpose in your heart to remain in Love’s space. Because that’s where God lives.

WARNING –  I want to warn you, however, that the very moment you decide to make love a priority in your life, everything that’s not like love will begin to surface.

When unloving things happen you can choose to take the high road as exampled here:

  • When a co-worker says something that is untrue about you.
  • Embrace your husband and kiss him on the forehead when he doesn’t take the trash out once again.
  • Remind your child how magnificent he is when he is acting like a fool.

I’m not suggesting that you become a door mat.  What I am telling you is to refuse to focus on the evil around you and choose to focus and see the Love of God that’s every where.

You have the option to see life differently and when you do, you will make new choices that support your new reality and vision of life.

When we choose to love instead of hate, when we choose to give instead of take, when we choose to laugh instead of complain, we will have what we desire. We are co-creators with God and it is our birthright to be happy, joyful and free on any given day we choose. Dedicate this week to God; to Love and you will experience an extraordinary Love Filled week.  It’s yours and you deserve it!

Why My Coach Said I Would Fail

llI remember a few years ago, I was at a women’s business conference hosted my one of my coaches. When she introduced me, she said “Angela has a SOFT Niche.” What she was basically saying is that I didnt’ talk a lot about making money, getting clients, marketing or all of the stuff that your inbox gets saturated with.

I was merely teaching women how to actualize the power of self love to create success in their lives. I was doing this when “selling self love” was not popular. Fast forward to now, everyone is talking about self love, universal love, inspiration, expansion and all the “woo woo” stuff I was accused of teaching.  It’s popular because collectively, we’ve come to realize that nothing permanent can happen outside of ourselves until it happens within us.  And that love is the answer to every single question in life.

Everywhere you look business coaches are now starting to realize that this “woo woo” stuff works…that spirituality and love are the keys to unlocking real success in  your life and business. I had a coach tell me that what I was offering wasn’t tangible enough. That if I didn’t change it, I would fail. She was obviously the wrong coach for me and she was wrong period. I have literally share with thousands the principles of The Love Lifestyle Coaching System and many of them have had incredible success stories.

That’s why you need a coach who has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening long before the masses get it.  Because by the time the masses gets hold to it, you will be left behind. You want to pioneer a movement, not come in on the tail in. You need a leader who has insight and understand the times in which we now live. It’s time to stop jumping on the band wagon of the next new fad or following the masses because you will get left behind.  

When we find ourselves at a crossroad or in a crisis, to move forward, the challenge is the let go of an outmoded attitude, or idea or perception. Individually or collectively,  a shift has to take place, a tipping point is reached, then the phenomenon of “There’s nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, kicks in.

The time has come for LOVE to kick in. The time has come to know that everything is spiritual. Even money!  I knew it years ago when others said that I would fail if I kept trying to coach women on love…that I needed to coach them on making money.  But how could you teach money without love? The two are tied together, because how we do love is how we do money! Ha ha, the masses finally got what we always knew! I love it!

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle. Because success in life really does begin with love!

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