Living in a Dark Season

It’s funny how we tend to get frustrated and anxious when nothing seems to be working in our lives.

When there appears to be illusions of darkness all around us. We struggle in our finances, we continue to have relationship issues, job issues or our businesses are underperforming. It feels like we are walking around with this dark cloud over our lives.

I can relate to these scenarios because at one time in my life, these were my experiences as well. I often times felt like my life was cursed. In fact, I even said it a time or two. Until one day, I had an epiphany as to why my life seemed to be one long dark road.

What I came to understand was that my dark experiences were really experiences of intense growth, expansion and transformation. They were not necessarily bad, in spite of the pain I had experienced. They were all necessary parts of my journey.

Imagine for a moment, a flower seed. When the flower seed is planted in the ground, it’s covered with dirt. There’s darkness all around it. But the darkness is providing that seed the necessary nourishment needed for it to eventually grow into a beautiful flower.  Another dark place is a mother’s  womb. We’ve all been there one time in our lives. It’s dark, yet it’s equipped to provide the baby everything he/she needs to grow and become strong.  Then there’s the cocoon, another dark place where the caterpillar enters and exits as a beautiful butterfly. Within the dark cocoon, a radial transformation takes place and end result is something magnificent.

So in the midst of what you think is a dark season, I recommend you shift your perspective by asking yourself, “what is this dark season offering me?” What is the gift that I’m to receive while here? Listen quietly, allow your heart to remain open and begin to embrace the gift of answer.

Life is set up for you to win, even when it appears that you are not. When we shift our thinking from victimization to victorious and understand the power of transformation, our lives will begin to up level in ways we’ve yet to imagine. The one thing that all dark places have in common is an expiration date.

The dark places are only meant to last for a short period of time.  They have an end. They don’t last forever. Our job is to flow and stop resisting. So the next time you find yourself in a dark season in your life, celebrate because the Light is just around the corner.

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From Jobless to Joyful!

So you’ve lost your job? Now you are wondering what’s next? How will you pay the mortgage? Millions of women have recently found themselves in this place and are truly frustrated with how they will be able to survive.

I want to share with you that you can not only survive, but also thrive even if you’ve lost your job.  You can start by answering this question, “Did you really love that job or were you there because it provided a paycheck?”  What if this emergency has showed up in your life so that the real you could emerge?

Over and over again, I have witness many of my clients lose their jobs only to discover their real and true purpose in life. And I would like for you to maybe entertain the fact that your job loss could really be  a career gain. You can truly move from being jobless to being joyful if you are willing to follow these three steps:

Decide to stop being a victim. You didn’t loose your life, you just lost a job. Or shall I say a paycheck? You can at any moment replace your paycheck and it can be done relatively quick. You job is not your only source for money and understanding this will move you from being a victim to being victorious.

Use what’s in your hands.  What can you do right now to begin earning some money? Most women would say that they don’t have anything they can do to earn money. But if they spend five minutes with me asking them the right questions, you will discover that you are sitting on several streams of income sources. With the right coach or mentor, you can very easily discover this to be true. Use what’s already in your hand. Take an inventory of the things you do well and then get with a coach to learn how to quickly monetize it.

Make a Bold Move. Once you have stop playing the victim and you’ve discovered what’s in your hand, it is time to make a bold move. Just sitting back planning and preparing is not enough. In fact, you don’t have a lot of time to spend prepping and that is a form  hiding as well. Just get to moving towards asking someone to do business with you. Simply pick up the phone and start to talking. Share what you are doing and don’t forget to ask for the money. Yes!! Ask for the money. You are selling your services and products, not giving them a way.

In closing, I want you to know that you are not alone. There are millions out there who have lost their jobs. But you cannot allow your lost to define who you are and where you want to go. It takes courage to get up and start again. It take tremendous heart to make a decision to go into business for yourself. You have heart and you have courage, so jump and grow your wings on the way!!

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