It Will Take Longer This Time

There are times in our lives when we are forced to live a life without answers. In fact, we have more questions than we have answers. We could have never predicted the events that have played out in our lives over the years.
We find ourselves in spaces, situations and on paths which we don’t have a map. We are conflicted trying to figure out the best and the fastest way to fix things or turn them around. Because that’s what we do…solve problems. Right?
But what if you don’t have the answers or the solutions as readily as you used to? What if that which you have need of may take a lot longer than before? I am here to tell that it will take longer. Transforming your life will take more than a weekend retreat or a good book.
It’s in these moments when you must go deeper. Deeper levels than ever before. I call it Immersion. Immersion is the first space you must enter in order to gain access to those deeper spaces within you that holds the ULTIMATE mysteries, answers and YOUR PEACE.
Immersion is not just a 2 day sabbatical in which you can force answers to surface. You can’t chant them into being or meditate them into existence. No, Immersion is the entrance to an entire new paradigm for living. This is not a two month process. No it’s a long intentional contemplative “Womb Space” for the rebirthing that’s about to take place. in your life.  It’s an unfolding, emergence and awakening of something you’ve never known before. It’s about cultivating the space for this Awakening.  It’s the start of a rebirthing for you and everything you’ve ever known before. This is not about finding answers, fixing things or solving problems.
This is about going deeper into new levels of wisdom, insights and TRUTH that finally leads you to your Awakening. Your Awakened Self. Your Awakened Truth. Your Awakened Life. 
Here are 3 Stages to Your Awakening
1. Immersion requires that you be willing to let it all go. There are things, people, ideas and more that we think we cannot live without. This is simply not true. In order to go deeper, you’ve got to be willing to let go of your need to know, your need to be comfortable and your need for answers. Because once you begin to Immerse deeper, you will discover new and infinite levels of possibilites that you’ve never ever known before. But you cannot carry old ideas into this space. Empty yourself, release all non essential activities, people and things that you can set aside for a time period and be willing to trust the process. Because this may take some time. I must tell you this is a scary step and it’s very uncomfortable. But so necessary.
2. Emergence is what happens as a result of your deep Immersion Experience. You emerge feeling as if you’ve been away for a while. And you have been. You begin to see things differently as if your eyes were once blinded and now you see clearly. Be mindful to know that as this emergence happens, you maybe challenged by those close to you because they no longer understand who you are becoming. You will find yourself doing and saying things that’s never been possible for you. You’ve somehow been reborn. Because it is a rebirthing of everything. You may close a business, quit a job, change a career focus, leave a relationship, lose weight, and more. Because as you emerge, you’re also shedding and releasing that which no longer serves you or where you’re heading. 
3. Your Awakening.  As you begin to Awaken to Your Truth, it becomes clear to you what’s possible. Yet, you understand this realm of possibility for you will always require deep levels of faith and truth in God. This where you have come to the edge of your known self and now have stepped into a part of you whom you’ve not met until now..Your Divine Self. As you awaken to the truth of who you are, you will begin to see life differently and live it differently with more purpose, intention and love. You will find that you’re no longer in a hurry, you embrace every moment and you love deeper. You life becomes filled with more love, more abundance and more meaning. This is when the magic happens and you know what they say about magic…you can’t turn it off.
I don’t know where you are right now in your life. But I do know that where you are…you can’t stay. So what will you do now?
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The New Women’s Movement

j0439562Something is happening among us women. recently published an article that headlined, “Entrepreneurship…The New Women’s Movement.”

The article went on to say, “Women are leaving the workforce in droves in favor of being at home. Not to be a homemake, but as job-making entrepreneurs”

Many women have somehow found themselves unsatisfied and unfulfilled with their lives. We’re tired, anxious and conflicted. Trying to choose between who we’ve been programmed to be or choosing in favor of our true passions and who we were born to be.  Many of us have felt as if we’ve taken on a life that’s not our own.

As women, we absolutely want to be successful in life. But not in some superficial, red bottom stepping, Chanel toting, Versace wearing, kind of way. Even the deadline driven, network seeking, move up the career ladder kind of hustle no longer appeals to who we are today. Because we’re now desiring the things that speaks to the voice of our souls and are natural to the feminine divine essence of who we really are. 

We yearn for the kind of success that inspires us, expands us and empowers us to move in the direction of our hearts, our true purposes and our gifts.There’s a pulling on all of us-a call towards the realization of  our highest potential and our greater service to the world. Because we have become fearless in our beliefs that we can change, maybe not the world, but at least our own lives, our families and our communities.

I too have recently asked myself some tough questions. Because I understand that the quality of our lives is directly proportion to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.  The answers I’ve come up with have invoked some very tough changes and actions on my part.

The key to being successful in living your dreams is that you must stay the course. Many of us get a glimpse of our own infinite power and it all becomes clear. But then we somehow find away  back to our old ways of being and the cycle of defeat begins to repeat itself. 

But the truth is, if you want transformation to last, you gotta do the work.  All roads lead back to spirituality. The spiritual practices must become a part of our daily lives in order to change our internal landscapes. If we as women, are going to be great leaders, successful entrepreneurs, trailblazers and change makers, it must start within our hearts. A space where women know how to live from naturally. It’s natural to who we are. 

Coming from a space of heart, care and love are the essential tools needed to manifest real success and transformation in our own lives and the world around us. I do believe the new women’s movement is happening around us as we speak. We are in the midst of a radical unleashing of something new, something better and something amazing. And women are leading the way. 

Reclaim your truth. Give yourself permission to say “Yes.” Become a apart of this huge unleashing of love on the planet by sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world through the power of entrepreneurship. Studies have shown that when women succeed in business, they give back to their communities in huge ways. It’s your time to step into the world of infinite possibilities and a wondrous new life of contribution through entrepreneurship. 

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle. Because success really does begin with love.