The Fatherless Girls Summit

11109268_10153334374268605_601399213977232517_nIt’s been a moment since I’ve shared with you. That’s because I have been traveling speaking and I hosted my Fatherless Girls Summit.

Over 60 girls, ages 12-17, gathered to learn about healing and transforming their daddy wounds. We had some of the most powerful speakers on the planet, great entertainment and a day of fun, excitement and transformation. As you can see from the photo, the setting was absolutely beautifully done by Shonda Harrington of Anointed Designs and Planning.

I have received so many emails from the girls who attended the event. I want to share one of them with you…

Good morning Mrs. Angela! As you know, yesterday was Father’s day so I baked my dad a cake. He came, picked it up, handed me some money and left. While I am used to this, I was different this time. I wasn’t angry at him, I wasn’t aggravated by his presence. I’ve finally forgiven him and I feel so much better about a lot of things! So, thank you because if I hadn’t went to the summit last weekend, I’d most likely still be angry with him today, but I’m not. I even hugged him and told him I loved him before he left and that is improvement! I’m proud of myself for opening my heart and forgiving him. Again, thank you so much! I love you!”

Make The Shift!

Life-is-too-shortWe’ve all heard the saying that things are changing. The days of yesterday are gone. And while it is true that change is constant and change is necessary for progress, many of us have not adapted to the kind of change that we as a human species are now experiencing.

This kind of change is different. Different in ways we’ve never seen before. While we’ve been going to work, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, running errands, no one told us of this kind of change that would impact our lives forever.

We are in a world of vulnerable transition and if we don’t learn how to master these transitions, many of us will become lost or left behind.  As women, we are also experiencing the kind of changes that we’ve never encountered before. Our children, even our adult ones are not behaving in alignment to how we’ve raised them, our relationships and marriages are experiencing challenges we’ve never encountered before, things are happening in our businesses and on our jobs that has us taking a step back to think about our next step and even our bodies are doing things that are surprising us. Why is this happening?

Because the Universe is shifting. If you don’t believe this, just look at the whether. One day it’s beautiful and 78 degrees and the very next day it’s cold and snowing outside. Nature is our perfect radar.  What am I trying to say to you?

The world as you’ve once known it is gone, so stop waiting for life to get back to normal. We are in our new normal. Where we are experiencing the chaos and conflict is in those areas of our lives is where we have refused to make our own internal shift. If the world as you’ve known it has shifted, then why haven’t we made the shift as well? Because we have not learned HOW to make the shift.

The kind of shift is necessary if we are going to succeed in this new world. If we don’t learn new ways of being and new ways of showing up in the world, we will continue to experience these extreme disappointments in our lives. We must make the shift from who we were to who we really are. The time is calling now for us to awaken unto the truth of who we are if we are going to move into the flow of abundance, love, peace, well being and joy. This is the new world that is waiting on us to make the shift.

That’s why I am inviting you to join one of the fastest growing women’s shift experience ever. The Awakened Sacred Woman Master Class is fun, relaxed and focused ongoing group style coaching program facilitated by Angela Carr Patterson. This is a rare opportunity for you to get up close and personal with Angela in a group style setting where she will help you to “MAKE THE SHIFT and achieve personal life mastery. What are you waiting on? Make the shift now…