A Call for Women to Rise Up

We’ve all heard the horrific news about the massacre that took place in Colorado this past weekend. To say the least, I was in sheer agony in realizing what had just happened.

I began to ask myself questions such as, “I’m I doing enough?”, “Have I become numb to this kind of news?” My answer to both questions was “No.” 

No, I am not doing enough. No, I have not become numb. In a world where we are bombarded with horrific news over the airways as well as the Internet, we can become numb to the crisis that surrounds us. While this was a tragedy, there are more tragedies that are happening right around us every single day that never make the six o’clock news.

We can no longer sit quietly and do nothing. Marianne Williamson once said that “terrorists are ferocious when it comes to their commitment to what they believe. They visualize how they want the world to be, then they take action.”

What about us? As women, we hold an enormous amount of power to create change in the world. Yet, we sit back and watch in awe at the horror that is taking over our cities.

What can we do to take responsibility for generating a better future? We’ve got to first believe that we have such power to course a new future.

We can no longer remain numbed out and not rise up. We’ve got to do it and we got to do it together.

You and I must resist the urge to isolate, the need to shutdown and withdraw and think that we can do this without each other. That’s simply not true.

As a community, we’ve got to respond. But how we choose to respond is really the issue. 

Join us today on Heart Secrets Radio Show, at 1PM EST, as discuss new ways of creating a better future. Ways to further the movement we are all committed to. You can call in at 347-843-4620 or listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/heartsecrets

When we take NO ACTION, we are furthering the tragedy. Mothers, Nurturers, Caretakers….we need you to rise up!

What can and will you do? Leave your comments and suggestions below.

The Power of a Collective Voice

This is a picture of my granddaughter, Aubrie. Aubrie does competitive cheerleading. I must admit that she is really great and she competes in a bigger age group because of her advanced skills. She even has a fan base. Sometimes when we are out in restaurants, people come up to her because they know who she is.

While Aubrie does have natural skills and talents, we must give her coach the credit for being able to develop her skills to the level of a champion. One of the other things that I notice in the sport of competitive cheerleading is their ability to work together as a unit. There’s a lot of lifting and flipping bodies up in the air. It takes courage and trust for these young people to allow someone to flip them in the air and catch them without dropping them.

They develop this trust along with the skills by spending an enormous amount of time time together, training, working and playing together. That’s what makes a championship team. Aubrie’s coach, who is her mom and my daughter, is credited for coaching this team to  national championships.

There’s a level of commitment that is required from a championship team that is not required of others. They must train several times a week and  cannot miss scheduled trainings and competitions. The schedule can be tough, especially for a seven year old. But she does it without complaint.

I often wonder what would happen if we would adapt the same strategies, skills and commitment in our life,  that Aubrie’s team does? Could we experience a successful championship life? How committed are you to working with others to build trust and unity towards a common goal of creating a better world? Do you have a coach to help you get to that next level? What if…I’m just saying…..

Remember, Live Authentically, Laugh Everyday and Embrace Love as a Lifestyle.