A Nasty Little Word Part 2

I hope you were able to answer the questions from Part 1 of this series. Understanding that Procrastination can keep you from living your dreams should be enough to motivate you to stop doing it. But often times it’s not.  Because until we find out the driving force behind why we procrastinate, we will continue on this up and down roller coaster.

Anthony Robbins says, “Every person on this earth is driven by two forces: Their need to avoid pain and their desire to gain pleasure.”  These two forces drive all human behavior.  So if everything we do in life is out of avoiding pain or gaining pleasure, which one motivates you?

I have another perspective. There are times when we don’t fear pain, but we fear pleasure. I realized that I was literally afraid of the pleasure.

Growing up as a fatherless daughter created enormous pain in my life. As crazy as it sounds, I had become comfortable in pain. It was the good times that I was afraid of because I didn’t believe it would last. Little did I know that this erroneous belief was causing me to delay much of my good in life through procrastination.

What I realized was I could not “will power” my way out of procrastination. And neither can you. You’ve got to get to the root cause of why you do it in the first place. Once you do this and learn the skills to heal it, transform it and transcend it, you will breakthrough it.

I want to share a four steps to help you on your way to getting that nasty little word in your life:

1. Identify what you are afraid of. Is it the need to avoid pain or is it the fear of pleasure?

2. Find out where this controlling belief was first received. I was able to retrace my belief from my fatherlessness experiences.

3. Dismantle the belief and create another one. There are many ways to let go or deconstruct a belief. I will share just one here. Affirmations are great ways to change an old belief and create a new one. Example: “I am worthy of living my dream and I no longer delay my good.”

4. Find an accountability Partner. Breaking through procrastination can be challenging and I don’t recommend you doing it alone. Find a coach or mentor  who will hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do.

You deserve to live your dreams. Never allow the fear of pain to keep you from doing anything. Because pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is choice. Pain is a part of the human journey. But you can move through pain and not allow it to prevent you from living your dreams though procrastination.

The pleasure that comes from taking action will far out weigh any pain you’ve avoided. Get accustom  to the pleasures of life. Because when you finally remove that nasty little word from your life, pleasure becomes inevitable.

Are You Ready to Take the Journey?

its-not-the-destination-its-the-journeyI hope you are as excited about 2016 as I am. There’s something about new beginnings that gives me a feeling of calm and peace. Moving into a new year feels like having a blank sheet of paper and I get to write the story of my dreams. While to many this may seem like I’m simply talking, but truth is we all do get to write the story of our dreams. Not just in the new year, but in our daily lives as well. What if you really could manifest the life you want? What if there was a path, a Journey that you could take that would give you everything you’ve ever wanted?

I believe there is a Journey you can take that will create for you more abundance, more success and more love. But the question is, “Are you willing to take the Journey?” The Journey into the invisible roads inside of us. The road we have to travel beyond our obstacles to make our vision happen. The road we have to travel past our fears to our confidence. The road we have to travel past our feelings that we’re not good enough to know that we do count and we are supposed to be part of this world.

I’m also talking about the Journey to the invisible roads, the ones we have to travel past our suffering, our struggles, our disappointments, our betrayals back to who we really are. Back to love. You’ve travelled those roads, haven’t you? They are hard roads, and I have travelled all of them too.

But learning how to navigate those roads, to by-pass the barriers and barricades on those roads, that’s what I specialize in. I show up in people’s lives when they are ready to cross a threshold, make a great shift and to take the Journey. Someone once said, “The true role of a teacher is not to take you anywhere, but to help you pay attention to where you already are.” You are here because you are ready to take the Journey in 2016. To change your life. To have a different year than you had in 2015.

Are you willing to make the Journey to change your life? Let me tell you, that change is not going to come from anything outside of you. Not a vision board, not a list of goals that you want…but a deeper immersion into to very core essence of who you are and an awakening of your genius, your greatness and your gifts. You’ve got to take the Journey if you are going to live a different life in 2016. Are you ready for the Journey? Because in the end…It’s truly a Journey worth taking.

I would love to hear from you.  How will you take the Journey?  Please share your thoughts below.