Losing Mom: Lessons I’ve Learned

Losing my mom back in August was one of the worst days of my life. It shook my very foundation and the pain was and still is horrific. So horrible until it landed me in the hospital for 3 days, two weeks ago,  because I allowed it to manifest in my body by not giving it it’s proper release. I refused to grieve. I was not willing to accept the unacceptable truth of losing my closest friend, my sister friend, my safe space, my warmth, my love…my mommy.


As I sat in the hospital and looked around into the faces of my beloved dear husband, my brother, my father, my son…the men who love me the most…I saw in their eyes fear, despair and defeat because they couldn’t fix it for me…men like to fix things. The love that I felt radiating from those men as they all surrounded my bed, literally lifted my spirit and my actual body. It was in that moment I was reminded how much I’m loved, cared for, cherished and needed. My oldest brother called me from Georgia and I could feel his fear and love through the phone. Mom taught all of us how to love and care for one another. It was in that moment that I remembered that love. A lot can happen in 3 days. Jesus rose from the dead in 3 days and I rose from that bed in 3 days with a renewed mindset and strength.


My mother accompanied me on my last 4 speaking engagements before she passed. I remember her saying to me as we left one of the gigs…she said, “You had those folks mesmerized. You could hear a pin drop in the place. All eyes were on you because you had something real to say to them. Don’t stop doing what you do, because people need you. What you are saying to the people is needed and they are hungry for it. I am so proud of you. And you looked so pretty.” I remembered what she said, “They need you.”


We’re only here in this world for a brief moment and we are here for a purpose. When we lose sight of that purpose, we forget who we are. Where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Two days before landing in the hospital, my daughter said to me, “Mom, I know you miss grandma and so do I. But you’re my mother and I don’t want to lose you.”


It frightened my children that I was in the hospital. I’ve never been in the hospital but only to have babies and some brief out patient procedures. I had to figure out how I landed there. I did. It was because I had forgotten who I was and why I am who I am. The great thing is that we can at many moment remember. Love allowed me to remember. I keep telling you guys that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe.


I still miss mama so badly. But I also remember that my mother lived life full out. She left nothing undone. Everything that she ever wanted, she brought it. Everything that she wanted to do, she did it. She was fun, loving and straight to the point. She lived her dreams, she loved her family and friends, she fulfilled her purpose in life and left a rich legacy for all to remember and live through. Everything that she promised, she honored.


My mother loved me so completely. I never had to second guess that love. What we shared as mother-daughter was something so sacred and so precious that I can’t give it language. People saw it when they saw us together. I’m my mother’s daughter…yes. And I will always be. Yet, I must never forget that I am God’s daughter first.

I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought. I know that God has prepared me and kept me for this very moment. That even in one of my greatest loss, there’s victory in God. My soul’s desire is to be of service to God and His purpose for my life. To simply live out my highest level of love, authenticity, creativity, productivity and success.
I also learned that in my deepest sorrow, there’s always a rainbow staring me in the face waiting to be noticed. My rainbow is the announcing of a new grand baby on the way. Yesterday, my daughter and son-in-love announced that they are pregnant. What an amazing gift!


I shall forever love my mother and be her daughter. Yet, I’m also a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend, a wife and I am so blessed to have a husband who loves me,  family, friends and supporting cast who don’t mind demonstrating what love looks like to me. I’m so very blessed to know a God who never leaves me or forsakes me.
Today, I’m well. For that I am grateful. This is a lesson that I learned from my mom. Now, if you excuse me…I’ve got some life to live.

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Jumpstart Your Next Level in 2012!

Are you ready to move beyond your comfort zone and live your life bigger and bolder in 2012? Simply put, are you ready to move to the next level in 2012?
Did you know that when you step outside of your comfort zone that you can begin to make giant leaps in your personal and professional lives.
Stepping outside of your comfort zone meaning doing what doesn’t feel comfortable to your conscious mind, but you know deep within that it is what’s right for you. I want to share with you four steps you can implement right away to jumpstart your next level move in 2012.
1. Commit to feeding your mind. Preselect a time of day that you spend at least 30-60 minutes reading, studying or listening to new personal growth content and information.  I call this time my Personal Growth University where I sit down and take notes while listening to my audio library and reading. I have most of these things downloaded onto my Ipod and Ipad and I carry them with me everywhere I go. My automobiles are all filled with powerful teachings that I can listen to while driving. Remember, the more you know, the more you grow.
2. Commit to taking better care of your body. This is an area that I have not been very faithful. But as I grow myself and my business, I understand that taking care of my body is a symbol of self love. Self care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, your family, and your business. Not only does it represent self love, but it also provides you with a strong and healthy body  to carry your vision. Your body must be in good shape in order to provide the stamina needed to keep up with your business and personal growth. Commit to eating healthier, daily exercise, more sleep and stress elimination. Be sure to visit your doctor for annual pap smear, mammogram, eye exams, dental appointments etc. In addition,  adding things such as massages, Yoga and other stress relief techniques will help you create a great self care regimen.
3. Commit to valuing your time. Time is your greatest asset and we all have been given the same amount of time each day. It’s what you do with your time that makes the difference. Creating a time system that works well with your life is important if you are going to move to the next level in 2012. I teach my platinum clients how to make time an asset in their business to create maximum momentum and yet have time for play and relaxation.  Take a good look at your schedule and begin to eliminate the things that are non-essential, non-productive and non-necessary in your life. Things such as too much television, too much phone chit chat, running errands that can be outsourced and etc. You can cook big meals so that you don’t have to cook everyday, consolidate your outside appointments to one or two days a week, return phone calls a certain time of the day and limit social media activities. Whatever you need to do in order to free up more time, do it now.
4. Commit to getting a handle on your money issues. Many people have some invisible barriers around money which keep them in a struggle with their finances. It’s time to get a handle on your money issues,  once and for all. I have a Money Synergy 101 Program that will certainly do just that. Whatever path you choose to transform your relationship with money, it’s time that you do so immediately. When that happens, you will begin to see your money grow. Money serves as medium of exchange and having money gives you freedom and many options in life. Stop allowing your money issue s to prevent you from   exercising your  freedom of options in 2012.The above four steps are just a few samples of what will help you to jumpstart your next level move in 2012.  It is important that you understand that you will need the help of a mentor or coach. Stop trying to do it alone. If you could have done it, you would have already been done it.


When I finally realized that I didn’t have the power to take myself to the next level, I hired a coach. When you choose to take your life or business to the next level, you need the helping hands of someone who has already been where you are going to show you the way. Not only does a coach help guide you toward your dreams, she will offer you accountability and a fresh perspective. This is not something you can do for yourself.
If you are serious about moving to the next level, then implement these four steps, hire a coach and watch your life soar!!
And remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.
Be sure to leave a comment below and let us hear from you.