I Found More Than One

I don’t have to tell you about all that’s happening around us and within our midst. You see it everyday with the constant news cycles, social media’s chaos, confusion and conflict.  And if you haven’t been living under a rock, you know someone who has been impacted by COVID-19, job loss, racial and gender inequality, financial struggles and more. We are definitely in a crisis.


So how do we live in a world filled with such panic and fear? I know I have felt it. I feel it each time I have to leave my house with my Pandemic Kit (mask, gloves, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes).
As I look at everyone walking around with a mask on and trying not to make eye or physical contact with me, I feel such a sadness come over me. Because as humans, we are made for connection, touch and belonging. I sometimes sense feelings of loneliness trying to creep in because I’m so isolated from the world.
Nothing is the same anymore and neither are we. We can’t be. This has certainly changed us all in some way. It has also revealed who we are and who we can become as result of this crisis.
I take hope in recognizing that crisis always proceeds transformation. I also take hope in knowing that better days are upon us.And I know that there’s always a rainbow…not just after the storm, but even in the midst of one.
Recently,  I sat down to look for the rainbows in my life during these arising times.  What I found was simply amazing because I discovered several rainbows that I want to share with you.


Here’s what I discovered:

Rainbow 1: Releasing Excess. I don’t need as much material things that I thought I did. As I started clearing and cleaning out closets, cabinets, attics and more, I realized that I had too much excess. I was holding onto things that I needed to let go of and would never use again. Who needs 15 pair of black pants or dishes that you haven’t used in 25 years? As I began getting rid of “stuff” I felt a sense of freedom and release.

Rainbow 2: Cherishing the Moments. I love hearing my children and grandchildren voices. Because of COVID-19, our children have limited their visits to our home. They say it’s because we are in the elderly population. LOL. Therefore, we don’t get to see them or our grandchildren like we are accustomed to. But they all make every effort to make sure we get to visit with the grands via phone and Face-time. I find myself being more tuned into these visits. Because for me, every moment, every second has become even precious. Sometimes our FaceTime visits can last for two hours. I know that when I can get to hug and kiss them again, I will never take these moments for granted again.

Rainbow 3: Reconnecting w/ Old Friends. I have had a chance to catch up with old friends. Because things have slowed down, we have more time on our hands. We were all moving at lightening speed and had little time for important things. Lately, I have reconnected with friends I have not talked with in years. It’s been so refreshing to talk with them and reconnect. I have even reconnected with some elementary school friends. Just the other day an old friend and I talked for 4 hours! We laughed and had a blast!

Rainbow 4: A Deepened Spiritual Life. I have always made my spiritual walk and life a priority. But during these past few months, I’ve made an even new effort to practice the power of “Surrender.” Surrendering to God has been my biggest priority and allowing God’s desire for my life to be mine. Aligning with the spiritual and universal principles that governs our lives is my daily intention. I don’t always get it right, but my heart is turned towards God’s highest desire and intentions for my life. I’ve  released some things that thought I wanted only to tap into God’s ordained destiny for me. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to know that I can’t change things, but as I surrender to God…I can change. I love my sacred times of prayer, meditation, worship, and listening. I’m more committed to this holy journey to unfold my soul’s destiny than ever before. In other words…to live an Awakened Life. My life reimagined and success redefined.


Rainbow 5: My Health is My Greatest Resource.
How often to we neglect our health going after money thinking it’s our most needed resource? I’ve learned that my health is my greatest resource and this it’s up to me to take care of it. I’m beginning to look at what I put in my mouth more intentionally because I have taken more time to cook better meals. I order my groceries and have them delivered therefore I can only eat what I have in the house…LOL. I’m starting to move my body more…walking, Tai Chi and Yoga have been my choices. I am not where I want to be right now, but I am on my way and lost 11 pounds. I check my vital signs daily and they are looking really good.  I have also added some amazing supplements needed as I get older.
These are just a few of the rainbows that I have discovered as I navigate this new normal. There are so many more and if you’d like, I will share more in the coming weeks.


Also, I would love to hear some of your rainbow lessons. So please feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.
Until next time…stay safe and don’t forget to look for your rainbows.


What I Really Want

Many women spend a lot of time in their busyness. We multi-task all day long. We work, we cook, we clean, we play taxi, we play nurse, we plan mom, we play sexy woman, and so much more. If you’re a business woman, it’s even more challenging because building a business brand can keep you busy almost 24/7.

We can’t possibly keep up this pace without something starting to give way. If it’s not our relationships, it’s our business. If it’s not our business, it’s our health. When you are under this kind of fast paced routines, it places a lot of stress on your mind and your body. The human body was not designed to be placed under stress for long periods of time. The American Medical Association has stated that 98% of all diseases are derived from stress.

For years, I kept up a face paced life. I thought it was the only way to become successful. I had become so accustomed to this pace that it was normal to me. If I slowed down, I would feel as if I wasn’t being productive. But I began to realize that busyness didn’t mean being productive. Busyness created a lot of stress in my body and it was starting to have an impact.

One day, I sat down and asked myself as question that had be posed to me several times, “What do you want?” A simple question, but for many it’s one that can’t be readily answered. Why? Because so many women are busy creating their lives based on other people’s version of what it is supposed to be.  I know for sure that’s what I was doing. I only came to know this when I slowed it down, went deeper within myself and told the truth to myself.

As I began to answer this question, my answers surprised me. I didn’t want many of the ideas, goals and dreams that I had for years. They simply didn’t mean as much any more. My passion for them had been lost. It wasn’t a bad thing. I had changed and transformed so much of my internal landscape that my desires had also changed. But I never would have known this had I not slowed it down to seek my Awakened Truth. I would have still been going at lightening speed chasing something that I simply didn’t want any longer and no longer served me.

What I did want was a life with more meaning. I wanted each day to be fulfilling, fun and free. I wanted to make quiet business moves and make money…but more importantly, I wanted to make memories with my family and friends. And while I love vacationing to wonderful places, I also love the intimate times that I spend with my family and friends simply talking and laughing over a home cooked meal or a glass of wine. I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband talking about things that makes my heart smile and laughing so hard that I sometimes pee in my panties. I love getting on the floor with my grand babies playing and singing. It’s these kind of things that makes my heart sing. Yet, I also love teaching women how to live the Awakened Life…how to navigate through the Divine Ache™ and how to answer and advance their next level calling. I love helping fatherless daughter women move beyond the pain of fatherlessness. I simply found a better more impactful way to do it without the constant busyness and overwhelm. In a nutshell, I took my life back and reclaimed my time. I got my happy back and I’m never giving it up again.

What do you really want? Is it the life that you are currently living? Or have you taken a moment to get clear about what’s really important to you in this season of your life? One thing that I have learned is that life is fragile and it’s can seem so short. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want my life to pass me by and one day I look up and wonder what happened. It’s about me living intentionally and getting out of the rat race, the chase, the hamster wheel and slowing it down to a pace that’s gives me joy.

I want to encourage you to take a moment this week and really look at what you want. Take inventory of your life. What’s important to you in this season? Is it a way for you to live your dreams and still be present with those you love? What about you, what do you really want?

The Year of The Awakened Woman.

Let’s face it. Our world is in trouble. We’re in a crisis.  Yet, we know that crisis always proceeds transformation.


And one thing for sure, our world is in need of transformation. As a heart centered entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to better serve my clients, my community, my country and the world.


I want to see us get it right. I want to see us live in harmony, peace, abundance and love with each other. Some say that I’m dreaming. I say that this is how dreams are made. You hold these images in your heart and find ways to participate in making them a reality.


I believe our next level of change and transformation will be lead by women. Not just women, but Awakened Women. The Awakened Woman is one who has arisen from her sleep and is now owning her strength, her power and her voice to speak and give life back to things that are dying or have died.


So much has died in our midst. But this is about to change. I have declared 2018 The Year of the Awakened Woman.  The stage has been set. Never in human recorded history has there been the perfect time for an UNKNOWN to come on the scene with a new, fresh, and relevant message of change, transformation and hope, than it is right now.


Bishop Desmond Tutu wrote, “Our earth home and all forms of life in it are at grave risk. We men have made a proper mess of things. We need women to save us.”


And while the time is right for us to step up, there’s some things we must do first.


3 Things I Suggest We Must Do:


1. Heal Your Daddy/Mother Wounds. If we don’t face and heal the pain of our primary foundational relationships, we will miss our window of opportunity to usher in this new world cultural story that only women can do. These relationships shape our identity.  We must heal them in order to awaken to the truth of who we really are.


2. Find Your Authentic Voice: It’s time to dig deep and listen to the language of your heart and not the inner negative chatter of our mind. It’s in your heart where your true authentic voice lives.


3. Discover Your Message: We all come into this world to share a message with the world. It’s up to you to find out what your message.. I can tell you that your message is wrapped up in your life’s story.


4. Find a Vehicle: I believe that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle for creating change. Most women start businesses with the intentions of creating change in the world. Launch that business, wrap your message in it and fulfill your purpose.


The woman who will hear this will respond and react with a maternal concern to the pain and suffering of others. Especially those who are vulnerable and powerless. This is a collective bigger story about being an Awakened Woman in the 21st Century.