This is Not Just Another Thanksgiving for Me

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when we Americans take time to be with family and friends and give thanks.
Last year, I had to experience Thanksgiving for the first time without my mother. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the holidays without her.  Losing mom was one of the most painful things I’d have to experience.
Now, this year Thanksgiving, I will be spending it without my amazing brother Cliff. Nine months after losing mom suddenly, I lost my best friend, brother, and confidant. When he died, I wondered how would I ever breathe again without him and mom. For all of my entire life, I talked to these two people every single day…many times a day. People who knew us, knew how very close we were.
So as I enter this Thanksgiving, I must admit that I am feeling a little sad. Yet, as I think about all of the wonderful times we had together, I can feel a smile starting to form on my face and in my heart. I miss these two people fiercely. But I am so very grateful for the love we shared. I know that I am blessed because of their unconditional love for me.
This is also my first Thanksgiving with my newest grand baby Jayme. Jayme is 6 months old. She was born 2 weeks after my brother died. The joy and love that I feel each time I look into her beautiful eyes, releases such gratitude deep within my soul. It’s new life.
In the midst of so much sorrow and loss, I have been able to see the rainbows beyond the storms.
I want to encourage you to look for the rainbows all around you because they are there. It’s the rainbows that will get through the storms of life.
God knows what we have need of and He sent us the rainbows to remind us of His unwavering love towards us. So simply embrace this love and share it with your loved ones on tomorrow.
Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

It Will Take Longer This Time

There are times in our lives when we are forced to live a life without answers. In fact, we have more questions than we have answers. We could have never predicted the events that have played out in our lives over the years.
We find ourselves in spaces, situations and on paths which we don’t have a map. We are conflicted trying to figure out the best and the fastest way to fix things or turn them around. Because that’s what we do…solve problems. Right?
But what if you don’t have the answers or the solutions as readily as you used to? What if that which you have need of may take a lot longer than before? I am here to tell that it will take longer. Transforming your life will take more than a weekend retreat or a good book.
It’s in these moments when you must go deeper. Deeper levels than ever before. I call it Immersion. Immersion is the first space you must enter in order to gain access to those deeper spaces within you that holds the ULTIMATE mysteries, answers and YOUR PEACE.
Immersion is not just a 2 day sabbatical in which you can force answers to surface. You can’t chant them into being or meditate them into existence. No, Immersion is the entrance to an entire new paradigm for living. This is not a two month process. No it’s a long intentional contemplative “Womb Space” for the rebirthing that’s about to take place. in your life.  It’s an unfolding, emergence and awakening of something you’ve never known before. It’s about cultivating the space for this Awakening.  It’s the start of a rebirthing for you and everything you’ve ever known before. This is not about finding answers, fixing things or solving problems.
This is about going deeper into new levels of wisdom, insights and TRUTH that finally leads you to your Awakening. Your Awakened Self. Your Awakened Truth. Your Awakened Life. 
Here are 3 Stages to Your Awakening
1. Immersion requires that you be willing to let it all go. There are things, people, ideas and more that we think we cannot live without. This is simply not true. In order to go deeper, you’ve got to be willing to let go of your need to know, your need to be comfortable and your need for answers. Because once you begin to Immerse deeper, you will discover new and infinite levels of possibilites that you’ve never ever known before. But you cannot carry old ideas into this space. Empty yourself, release all non essential activities, people and things that you can set aside for a time period and be willing to trust the process. Because this may take some time. I must tell you this is a scary step and it’s very uncomfortable. But so necessary.
2. Emergence is what happens as a result of your deep Immersion Experience. You emerge feeling as if you’ve been away for a while. And you have been. You begin to see things differently as if your eyes were once blinded and now you see clearly. Be mindful to know that as this emergence happens, you maybe challenged by those close to you because they no longer understand who you are becoming. You will find yourself doing and saying things that’s never been possible for you. You’ve somehow been reborn. Because it is a rebirthing of everything. You may close a business, quit a job, change a career focus, leave a relationship, lose weight, and more. Because as you emerge, you’re also shedding and releasing that which no longer serves you or where you’re heading. 
3. Your Awakening.  As you begin to Awaken to Your Truth, it becomes clear to you what’s possible. Yet, you understand this realm of possibility for you will always require deep levels of faith and truth in God. This where you have come to the edge of your known self and now have stepped into a part of you whom you’ve not met until now..Your Divine Self. As you awaken to the truth of who you are, you will begin to see life differently and live it differently with more purpose, intention and love. You will find that you’re no longer in a hurry, you embrace every moment and you love deeper. You life becomes filled with more love, more abundance and more meaning. This is when the magic happens and you know what they say about magic…you can’t turn it off.
I don’t know where you are right now in your life. But I do know that where you are…you can’t stay. So what will you do now?
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Living in Your Divine Ache

I have been a full time entrepreneur for over 33 years. For 23 years, I owned and operated a full service performing arts center for kids and teens. The final two years of running the center, I began to feel restless. I didn’t know where this restlessness was steaming from. Nevertheless, I continued to successfully run my company.


Still I couldn’t shake this feeling of restlessness. There were times when I felt really depressed, yet, nothing in my life warranted this feeling. I felt tired all of the time and even confused. This roller coaster of emotions went on for sometime. It wasn’t until I really began to pay close attention and slow it down to do some deep prayer and meditation, that I was able to discover what was happening. I was suffering from “The Divine Ache.”


Now, you are probably wondering “What is The Divine Ache?” The Divine Ache is when you are being propelled, moved or even pulled into your next level of offering, of service, of contribution to the world. When this pulling begins to build up inside of you, it makes you feel very agitated, frustrated and confused. You may even feel sick like I did. But there was nothing wrong with me! I just was in the “Ache.”


You see I believe that everyone is born with unique gifts of wisdom, service, commitment, and promises that we’ve been assigned by God to deliver to the world. These gifts are wrapped inside our divine vision for our lives. Our purpose here on the planet is to deliver these gifts fully through the meaningful work we do and the way we live our lives in the world. In other words, we must deliver our all of gifts before we leave this world. Many of us have not yet made all of our deliveries. When this happens, we begin to feel the pressure of “The Divine Ache.” It’s an ache. I was in the ache and so are many others.


While, I was doing what I felt God had given me to do with my performing arts center and impacting the lives of many, there was yet another level that I had not gone. I was good at what I was did. I had a lot of success and I was very comfortable there. This is where we get confused. Because why would we leave something that we know works and others are being blessed from it?


Because you have more inside of you waiting to be birthed…that’s why. Your work is not complete. It doesn’t matter if you are touching the lives of hundreds of people if you were supposed to reach millions. It simply means you are falling short of your fullness. Just as the UPS man must make all of his deliveries before he returns the truck back to the office empty, so must we return to our Creator, when we die, empty of our gifts. We must make ALL of our deliveries before we leave this world. In a nutshell, I had more deliveries to make.


I suffered from The Divine Ache because my vision was gestating inside of me and it was beginning to get heavy. The more I ignored the ache, the heavier it became and the more restless I felt. I finally said, “yes” to the vision, to the assignment and boy did the real fun begin.


I literally had to go through what I call the 5 Cycles of The Divine Ache. It’s in these cycles we grow our wings, we gain our courage, we expand and allow our emergence to take place. It’s our True Awakening These cycles are filled with “Invisible Roads” because when you are to always sure what your next level looks like. Your cycling through takes courage and faith. Yet, when you reach the final cycle, The Awakening, your life will never be the same.


Over the past year, I have been sharing these 5 Cycles of The Divine Ache with audiences all across the US. I have been amazed to learn that so many men and women are living in “The Divine Ache.”. They feel stuck, frustrated, confused, restless and even tired. They know that something is off and they sense that something is trying to emerge from within them. They simply don’t know what to do.


This is where I come in. I show up in people’s lives when they are ready for their next level. This is such a timely message to share with the world. You see, our time has come to give birth to our collective next level visions. Our world is in a crisis. The great thing about a crisis is that it always proceeds transformation. Every problem comes bearing it’s own solutions. And where does these solutions live? Inside of each of us waiting to be given birth. Your Divine Ache is the signal that birth needs to take place.


In my upcoming book, Living in The Divine Ache…Giving Birth to Your Next Level is due to be released on January 1, 2018. In the book, I will share how to navigate through The 5 Cycles of the Divine Ache. I will also even share how people like Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Steve Harvey and Martin Luther King, Jr. all suffered from The Divine Ache.


I will be launching my book tour in starting January 2018. If you have an organization, community, company, business, educational institution or an upcoming event in 2018, why not consider booking me to come and share this important and relevant message with your audience. It’s one of the most important messages of this era. It’s also powerful, entertaining and transformative.


Please contact me at to get the details. Be sure to hurry because dates are filling quickly. I look forward to hearing from you.

I Am Sad

14364726_1259354794117298_7335236976326328534_nThis week, we taped our last show of season 8 of The Imara Woman TV Show. I cannot tell you how much fun I have with these ladies on this show. We tackle very controversy topics at times, but we are always respectful of each other’s opinions. I am so grateful to the Executive Producer and Creator of the show, Wendy Brawley, for allowing me to be apart of such an incredible team and show. Now, I have to get ready to tape my Soulful Conversations Online Series due to launch in late October. You are going to love these powerful videos. Also, I will be sharing more information with you about my new National TV Talk Show which I will be taping 13 episodes in Atlanta very soon.

Yes, I am excited because all of these opportunities give me a bigger platform to share my message of awakening to your truth, actualizing the power of self love and unleashing your greatest potential to shine in the world. And while I am excited, I am also a little sad.


You ask, “Angela, why are you sad?” I am sad because I know that you too have brilliant ideas, dreams, and desires that you’ve yet to realize. I know that deep in your heart, you are asking the same questions that I asked over the years, “When is it my time?”

The truth is, it has always been your time. The path has always been open and clear for you. Oftentimes, we simply can’t see it for ourselves. As you know, I have been an entrepreneur for over 32 years. It has not always been easy, but when I would take a step back, get the help I needed and do the difficult things that made me feel uncomfortable, I would experience incredible wins and successes.

Yet, every single time I tried to play it small and safe, remain in my comfort zone, do what I knew to do, instead of what I was being led to do, I would experience loss. It wasn’t until I finally told myself the truth. I awakened to the truth that I could not take myself to the top. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

And with my teeth chattering and my knees shaking, I took the risk. I hired my first coach years ago. It cost me more than I could afford and it stretched me wider than I had expected. This leap of faith paid off and put me on a new path to victory. Had I not taken this gigantic fearful step, I would still be working hard and not progressing to the level I knew I had the potential to reach.

What about you? How are you playing small and allowing fear to hold you back? Are you not worth the risk? Of course you are. I know that you have dreams that you want to see fulfilled. I want to see your dreams fulfilled too. I want you to experience a level of joy and happiness in life that you’ve never had before.

I so badly want to see you win. I know you can and deep down, so do you. As I celebrate my successes and wins, I am also celebrating yours. Because as you read this email, I can sense that you are being encouraged. You are now empowered and inspired to take that next step. That next step could be to pick up the phone can call someone who can help you. That next step could be to hire that coach you’ve been wanting to work with. It could be to take that training. Perhaps join a group of high level successful people who can show you the way.  Or it could simply mean saying “Yes” to that opportunity that scares you. Whatever it is, I am confident that you will take that next step. I believe in you and I’m here to support you all the way. You can do it. Yes, you can.

What’s your next step? Write it below in the comments.

Women Need The Right Space and The Right Solutions

2It’s not often that we can find a space whereby we can delve deep into the things that are really meaningful to us as women. With so much masculine, take the bull by the horn, gotta make it happen teachings in the marketplace, women can become confused and overwhelmed. And a confused mind always says no. These push and pull methods simply don’t align with who we are as women. What if there was a space…a safe and sacred space that would offer you the kind of strategies, solutions, and support that was natural to you as a woman, would you be willing to take a look at it? It offered solutions that felt authentic and resonated with you as a woman. I have that such space. But before I share it with you. Let me share something that I have discovered is happening around us.

If you are active on the Internet, you’ve probably been inundated with claims from “so call business gurus” who promise to help you build your business into a massive wealth machine. No doubt that you’ve also received tons of marketing from “so called dating gurus” promising to help you find your one true love or make the one you have perfect. Yet, none of these new ideas and strategies resonate with who you are authentically.

While the goal for most of us is to experience a successful, lucrative business and a satisfying loving relationship, the formula and methods we’ve been using to accomplish this worthwhile goal are just as important as the goal itself. These formulas and methods must be in alignment with who we really are…heart centered women!

There are barriers between what your heart desires and what’s actually showing up in your life. However difficult they may appear, these barriers can be broken through by shifting the formula you’ve been using.

That’s why it gives me such great pleasure to invite you to join my Global Awakened Woman Intensive (GAWI). GAWI is a membership platform designed to help women unlock the hidden secrets to love, money and success. It’s the space just for women. GAWI offers what you need, yet, in a ways that resonate with you as a woman. We launch on Tuesday, January 26th. Don’t miss it. Details: