j0439542When I began my path of personal growth, one of the things I had to do was to step away from the pack. In order for me to gain control of my life and my destiny, I had to move away from the loudness of everyone else’s voice, so I could hear the whispers of God’s Voice. 

Moving away from the group or the tribe can be a difficult transition, but a necessary one. It can become difficult because when you move from being a willing and obedient member of the pack, you risk being labeled as a rebel. But the move is necessary when you are ready to answer the call and assignment placed on your life.  

We have been trained to believe that conformity is right and individualism is wrong. But at what point are you willing to release your fear of being unique and different? It is when we step away from the group that we find our real authentic self, our power and we become open to new possibilities. 

In order to create the kind of change that will bring about a better world for all of us, we must step away from the pack to discover new ways of doing things.  We must ask the hard questions, we must become adventurous and daring. It is when we make these new discoveries and find the new answers that we can share with the rest of the world; we will learn that together we can all create lasting change. 

Martin Luther King was not afraid, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela were not afraid. Ghandi was not afraid, Oprah was not afraid, Obama was not afraid and Jesus certainly was not afraid.  What are you waiting on? Stop waiting on other people’s approval; quit vying to be accepted or popular. It takes courage to step away from the pack and shift into becoming a leader of the pack. 

A new era is approaching and we need leaders to rise up and dare to be different and unique. Risk the labels if you must, risk being an outsider if you will, but do what is necessary and everyone will benefit. Because in doing so, not only will you have shifted from being a member of the pack, you have now become their leader and their servant. A servant leader is not a rebel, but a rare breed! Now that’s what I called daring to be different.